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Our Little Athletes!

It’s absolutely something to see, our little sporty girls participating in things they are passionate about and love.  This passion and drive comes from within them.  James and I are only ever their support and encouragement on the side, and here to provide them the opportunity – they do the rest!Both girls participated in two triathlons this summer, both happened to be back-to-back weekends!  They really enjoyed the triathlon they did last summer, so we signed them up again this year.  Still unsure if this is something they love, we were excited to see how the races went.  Both of them absolutely blew us away… You can’t teach a person (let alone a child) what both of these girls displayed in their races.   They not only tried there absolutely hardest and never gave up, but they were having so much fun while doing it!  I can’t quite put into words what we see in these two girls, but power, strength and drive will slightly define it.These two girls are on a road to excellence in whatev…