Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Fun

Lemonade stands, art with Rob and hikes to lookouts and waterfalls!

2017-07-15 13.23.072017-07-15 13.26.55

Of course, nana papa, Dale and Rob were some of the first customers… but we were shocked at how many cars stopped to buy some of the girls’ lemonade!  A thoughtful gesture like that goes a long way in a child’s eye.  The girls will not soon forget those very kind people. 

2017-07-15 13.23.402017-07-15 17.00.52

Art teacher, Rob, showed the girls and I a project he did at school.  It turned out beautifully!

2017-07-15 17.02.19

2017-07-16 09.31.24

2017-07-15 10.42.00

Look how big the peas are this year!  Selena and mommy’s favourite!

James and I like to take the girls to as many different hiking trails as we can each year.  This year we’re hitting as many of the waterfalls trails as we can (there are too many to count).  Living next to the Niagara escarpment makes it very easy for us to see very beautiful places, minutes from our doorstep.  The kids are not yet old enough to appreciate it fully, but I know they will in a few more years.



Monday, July 17, 2017

Florida with the Loarratts!

Finally finding some time to post about our wonderful family trip down South!

2017-07-09 21.01.59

It was thanks to these two very special people that we, along with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew got to fly down to sunny Florida, stay in a 5-bedroom beauty of a house, play at a fantastic club house with lazy river, and explore a little bit of Kississmee!

2017-07-03 14.21.49

Family picnic before our flight at Niagara Falls, NY

2017-07-03 14.22.272017-07-03 15.03.012017-07-03 15.11.042017-07-03 15.34.382017-07-03 16.28.202017-07-03 19.39.132017-07-03 20.46.42

Can’t fly without my wine and cheese xo

2017-07-04 20.11.512017-07-04 20.12.312017-07-04 20.20.512017-07-05 16.59.312017-07-05 17.35.53

One of the best restaurants!  (Kobe)

2017-07-06 08.32.52

Every morning, these two swam in the lazy river

2017-07-07 12.34.502017-07-07 12.59.43

Special surprise for the girls from nana at American Girl!

2017-07-07 13.33.482017-07-07 19.32.41

Levi and Selena were inseparable the entire week

2017-07-08 18.50.27

Mavie adapted pretty well despite his recent blindness.  Although he didn’t really know where he was, he just went with the flow and cuddled up with his buddy on the drive down and back home

2017-07-10 16.44.32

A bit of a delay on the way home, but these two kept each other company!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cooking Kick

While I would never consider myself a foodie of any sorts, and James and I enjoy eating whatever we’re craving, I’ve actually been cooking some pretty diverse meals lately – ranging from Egyptian recipes, to Mediterranean (of course…), to Korean and Mexican.  This is thanks to the recipes from the chefs at Chefs Plate.  My little sidekick Selena has become quite interested in helping me in the kitchen - maybe she’ll grab a cooking gene and become a chef one day and cook meals for her mommy and daddy to test!

2017-06-23 17.34.572017-06-14 17.50.592017-06-15 09.59.432017-06-20 18.57.322017-05-25 15.53.532017-05-29 18.53.232017-02-09 12.18.032017-02-10 08.52.40

And thanks to my parents for giving us an amazing blender for my birthday, we’ve all been upping our fruits and vegetable intake with daily smoothies.  I don’t think we’ve gone more than a handful of days since February 20 without a smoothie xo!  The kids even like the green ones!

Recital Weekend–Wonka’s World!

The season is officially over.  A two-month break and then at it again.  Our girls not only became stronger, but their drive and passion to become the best they can be grew bigger all year.  We’re so proud of your accomplishments, Selena and Annika! 

2017-06-25 13.44.132017-06-25 13.52.582017-06-25 13.53.452017-06-25 14.05.502017-06-25 15.41.47

Best buds in the wings!

2017-06-25 15.43.092017-06-25 15.43.492017-06-25 16.04.56P12904332017-06-24 15.45.122017-06-24 16.56.02

Their biggest supports right here!

2017-06-24 17.37.02

Anniking accepting reconition for her classroom help

2017-06-24 19.47.552017-06-24 19.48.092017-06-24 19.48.322017-06-24 19.49.362017-06-24 20.05.402017-06-24 20.08.57

Senior dancer, Jordan, as Willy Wonky!  Phenomenal talent in this one!

2017-06-24 20.09.242017-06-24 20.09.482017-06-24 20.28.252017-06-24 20.33.012017-06-24 20.33.452017-06-25 12.59.062017-06-25 13.29.16