Monday, September 4, 2017

Our Little Athletes!

It’s absolutely something to see, our little sporty girls participating in things they are passionate about and love.  This passion and drive comes from within them.  James and I are only ever their support and encouragement on the side, and here to provide them the opportunity – they do the rest!

Both girls participated in two triathlons this summer, both happened to be back-to-back weekends!  They really enjoyed the triathlon they did last summer, so we signed them up again this year.  Still unsure if this is something they love, we were excited to see how the races went.  Both of them absolutely blew us away… You can’t teach a person (let alone a child) what both of these girls displayed in their races.   They not only tried there absolutely hardest and never gave up, but they were having so much fun while doing it!  I can’t quite put into words what we see in these two girls, but power, strength and drive will slightly define it.

These two girls are on a road to excellence in whatever they do in their lives, and we couldn’t be prouder parents xo

If this picture isn’t enough to inspire you, I’m not sure what ever will be!

Runner’s cramp and all, she pushed through! 

2017-08-27 08.30.45

SunRype Kids Tri Series is set up identically to an adult event.  They do an amazing job!

2017-08-27 08.39.37

A little race recon before their start xo

2017-08-27 09.49.16

Always supporting each other xo

2017-08-27 11.07.40

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Best Grandparents

Hands down, the most generous, giving and loving two humans I know – and I’m lucky enough to call them my mom and dad.  Annika and Selena just arrived back after a three-night vacation that nana and papa took them on up in Blue Mountain, Collingwood.  They stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom suite, bought passes to participate in all the fun activities up there – including the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, the tree-top trekking, swimming, hiking, wall climbing, and so much more.  James and I had a much-needed and relaxing little break ourselves while the girls were having this amazing adventure with nana and papa.  What a special, memory-making trip this was for our girls.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful and loving parents who are excited to plan trips like this with our girls and experience unforgettable adventures and memories.

What an amazing, fun and fast summer this was!  Kicking it off with the Florida trip my mom and dad planned and bought for us, followed by many exciting adventures and activities, and topping it off with fireworks tomorrow night at Colonial Park (the best fireworks you will ever see in a neighbourhood!)  The kids are all set and ready to get back at school next week.  Their back-to-school shopping was completed today – nap-sacks, lunch bags, fall clothes, two pairs of shoes, and many, many, way too many pencils, erasers, crayons and markers…..

2017-08-28 11.27.452017-08-28 11.28.582017-08-28 15.53.542017-08-28 20.31.232017-08-29 10.40.182017-08-29 11.38.47

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Waterfall Adventure #2

This stop was the Hilton Falls trail near Kelso Lake in Milton.

We walked the 4 k loop, drove through Halton Hills and had dinner at the best Italian restaurant in Guelph, Buon Gusto

Was able to capture some really neat shots, that don’t actually do the scenery justice…


Hands off this one!  Attempting to teach James and the kids how to spot this…


Snacks are a must on our hikes!


They’re not afraid to climb!


Look at the pretty photo orb that came to say hi in this shot xo


The girls choose their snack spots


The closest I could get to showing the true beauty of this place.  Waterfalls are one of my favourite things.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Windsor in July

2017-07-29 16.24.54

Uncle Miro and Aunt Colleen’s house for some summer pool fun!

2017-07-29 19.11.17

The dragon in Tecumseh at the park on Lake St. Clair

2017-07-29 20.41.40

2017-07-30 16.23.362017-07-30 16.28.56

A fun climbing park that Miro and Coleen’s house backs onto

2017-07-30 08.31.12

James’ relay team this year – Brad and Julie Reiter

2017-07-30 08.41.40

The pier waiting for daddy’s race to start

2017-07-30 08.52.452017-07-30 09.28.34

Lionel Sanders and James were both the swimmers for their relay teams – Lionel beat James in the water for the first time!  Caught the reaction perfectly in this pic!!

2017-07-30 15.32.52

After a morning of triathlon and swimming, we drove to Point Pelee for the first time with the girls. 

2017-07-30 15.39.272017-07-30 16.23.24

Southern most tip of Canada!

2017-07-30 16.23.45

The bugs weren’t the best…

2017-07-30 16.23.51

We all got a good laugh at this pic…  A classic Annika pose when things aren’t necessarily going her way lol…. oh the bugs….

2017-07-30 22.09.05

From Point Pelee, we headed to Erieau – a favourite stop for us along the Erie coast.

2017-07-30 18.33.19

Patio dinner on Lake Erie at Bayside Brewery

2017-07-30 22.09.332017-07-30 22.09.47

The older the girls get, the more I am able to appreciate how lucky we are to have these two beautiful humans in our lives.  Sometimes I look at them and for a moment I’m in complete awe that James and I brought these two soles into the world.  Being able to see these beautiful places and explore with them doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever done.  If I didn’t have them by my side, I would have such a big void in my life.  It’s those random moments of complete gratitude that I realize how truly lucky and how full our lives are because of these two.  Euphoria would almost perfectly define these moments…

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Fun

Lemonade stands, art with Rob and hikes to lookouts and waterfalls!

2017-07-15 13.23.072017-07-15 13.26.55

Of course, nana papa, Dale and Rob were some of the first customers… but we were shocked at how many cars stopped to buy some of the girls’ lemonade!  A thoughtful gesture like that goes a long way in a child’s eye.  The girls will not soon forget those very kind people. 

2017-07-15 13.23.402017-07-15 17.00.52

Art teacher, Rob, showed the girls and I a project he did at school.  It turned out beautifully!

2017-07-15 17.02.19

2017-07-16 09.31.24

2017-07-15 10.42.00

Look how big the peas are this year!  Selena and mommy’s favourite!

James and I like to take the girls to as many different hiking trails as we can each year.  This year we’re hitting as many of the waterfalls trails as we can (there are too many to count).  Living next to the Niagara escarpment makes it very easy for us to see very beautiful places, minutes from our doorstep.  The kids are not yet old enough to appreciate it fully, but I know they will in a few more years.