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The Best Grandparents

Hands down, the most generous, giving and loving two humans I know – and I’m lucky enough to call them my mom and dad.  Annika and Selena just arrived back after a three-night vacation that nana and papa took them on up in Blue Mountain, Collingwood.  They stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom suite, bought passes to participate in all the fun activities up there – including the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, the tree-top trekking, swimming, hiking, wall climbing, and so much more.  James and I had a much-needed and relaxing little break ourselves while the girls were having this amazing adventure with nana and papa.  What a special, memory-making trip this was for our girls.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful and loving parents who are excited to plan trips like this with our girls and experience unforgettable adventures and memories.What an amazing, fun and fast summer this was!  Kicking it off with the Florida trip my mom and dad planned and bought for us, followed by many excitin…

Waterfall Adventure #2

This stop was the Hilton Falls trail near Kelso Lake in Milton.We walked the 4 k loop, drove through Halton Hills and had dinner at the best Italian restaurant in Guelph, Buon GustoWas able to capture some really neat shots, that don’t actually do the scenery justice…Hands off this one!  Attempting to teach James and the kids how to spot this…Snacks are a must on our hikes!They’re not afraid to climb!Look at the pretty photo orb that came to say hi in this shot xoThe girls choose their snack spots The closest I could get to showing the true beauty of this place.  Waterfalls are one of my favourite things.