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Cooking Kick

While I would never consider myself a foodie of any sorts, and James and I enjoy eating whatever we’re craving, I’ve actually been cooking some pretty diverse meals lately – ranging from Egyptian recipes, to Mediterranean (of course…), to Korean and Mexican.  This is thanks to the recipes from the chefs at Chefs Plate.  My little sidekick Selena has become quite interested in helping me in the kitchen - maybe she’ll grab a cooking gene and become a chef one day and cook meals for her mommy and daddy to test!And thanks to my parents for giving us an amazing blender for my birthday, we’ve all been upping our fruits and vegetable intake with daily smoothies.  I don’t think we’ve gone more than a handful of days since February 20 without a smoothie xo!  The kids even like the green ones!

Recital Weekend–Wonka’s World!

The season is officially over.  A two-month break and then at it again.  Our girls not only became stronger, but their drive and passion to become the best they can be grew bigger all year.  We’re so proud of your accomplishments, Selena and Annika!  Best buds in the wings!Their biggest supports right here!Anniking accepting reconition for her classroom helpSenior dancer, Jordan, as Willy Wonky!  Phenomenal talent in this one!

Father’s Day Weekend

We celebrated Father’s Day a few times here at BJAMS!  Wednesday was our first celebration before James left for Triathlon Nationals in Ottawa (where his team took the national title!!)  We then celebrated Sunday with my dad, where we all got to witness my brother’s overall triathlon win at Guelph Lake Triathlon!!  My brother has found the time outside of his full-time work and raising a family to train hard, take advantage of LPC’s in-person training sessions.  This combined with his genetic talent has brought him back to the podium at his first race back!  It brought back so many memories a decade ago when my parents and I would be cheering both my brother and James on at all the races.  I love that we now get to show our girls and Levi the fun atmosphere of these races and cheering on family.  Now to get James to race again…. one day, I promise!Books and sandcastles… just some of Selena’s favourite things!  And trucks and buckets for Levi!Onto the run, with wife and son cheering xo…

Fun Stuff!

Some recent fun stuff here at BJAMS!Dynamic duo gymnastic sisters perfecting their skills!Besties showing of our new shirts!  Thanks Meaghan!This little sweetheart completed her first ever speech in front of her class!  She did a community helpers research paper, practiced very hard, and even made her teacher cry, she did so well!  We’re so proud of you Selena!Decided to take the girls (and Annika’s best-friend, Caomihe) to uncle Robert Currie’s school family fun bbq.  Burger Priest burgers, cotton candy and bouncy slides and castles!  Worth the drive to Mississauga!The girls all won the ever-popular surprise jars!Annnd!  I decided for the girls’ year-end present that I would take them to my fabulous hair dresser to get the colour highlight they have been asking me for, for the past couple of years!Sharon of Siarah’s Hair Design built a salon in the lower part of her house.  She is fantastic, I won’t go anywhere else!Here is my recent project!  Whenever James has business trips, I pla…