Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Jamsie

9 Years ago today I married my Jamsie.  11.5 years ago I met my Jamsie.  1 puppy, 2 kids, 1 successful business built from the ground up (LPC), 1 successful and expanded business of 18 years (Bre-Med), and 2 houses later, here’s where we are xo

I couldn’t have planned our life together better if I tried.  I’m proud to be able to call James my husband.  Through our ups and our downs, we’ve learned a lot, had to adapt a lot, learned to compromise, and to listen, to understand, and to not hold onto the stress of the small stuff.  I can honestly say that James is the “funnest” person I have ever met in my life.  From the first day we spent together, to this current day,  he knows how to let loose and have fun.  He’s the light and life of a party, even at the ripe old age of (almost) 40!  The past decade that has defined our life together has made us stronger - both for each other and ourselves.

I Love You, Jamsie xo


December 31, 2005 - Our very first date (New Year’s Eve at the Cottage)


Our first vacation together (Tinidad & Tobago) May 2006



Training camp in Florida February 2006


One of many nights out


Playing in the jumping water at Celebrations in Kississmee March 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Garden Love and Spring Cleaning

James officially finished his garage project, while I did some trimming and pruning and touching up of my gardens.  Love afternoon/evenings like this xo


New colour (I usually only get the purple ones) 


Finally… done!



Never too many pics of my Alliums


The Fairies are back!


A new perennial this year (lets see if our bunny will leave this one alone!)





It’s not just the beauty of these flowers that I love… they attract the honey bees!  BJAMS is doing it’s part for the bees!


My Grandma Huddy would be proud.. Our Lily of the Valley is bigger every year xo



And a little photo shoot of our beauties


These two… xo

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Garage Reno

I learned a few years back when helping my parents in the beginning stages of their downsizing, when they sold our childhood home and moved to a house more suited to their size, how unfortunate it is to keep things “just because” or “maybe someone might want it one day.”  And then now currently seeing the process of downsizing John on the Loaring side, and the stress and time commitment involved; it’s a big learning lesson for everyone.

I’ve been teaching our girls that it’s okay (and actually very important) to get rid of things we no longer use or that no longer fit us; that these things will go to families who will use them and who very much need them; and it’s okay to throw things away that are broken or in pieces.  We do this every 2-3 months throughout the house.  The stress relief this gives me, knowing that one day we won’t have a massive undertaking to rid our house of things we were keeping “just in case,” or “we’ll deal with later.” We have a tidier and more organized home because of it. 

It’s taken a few years, but James is now so much more open to this “purging” process us BJAMS do.

This garage reno has been a long-time coming and James finally bit the bullet and forged ahead with it.  It was A LOT of work, but the finished product, and the sorting, and the organizing is the payoff in itself!

Photo 2017-05-24, 12 06 57 PM

These is the closest I could get to a before shot… (I forgot to get one… our garage was a jungle…!)

2017-05-18 12.38.05

This shot is post-clear out, and pre-epoxy flooring

2017-05-19 13.43.27

And… the final product!

2017-05-24 14.36.28

And this is what it looks like today.  Still some organizing to do, but what a difference! (soon to come will be a big metal hurdler placed above the steel cabinets on the red wall!)

2017-05-24 14.40.58

Clean hanging wall

Monday, May 22, 2017


My purple flowers remind me of Elena every day.  We celebrated her name day yesterday.  Always in our hearts, Elena 💕


May Long Weekend in Windsor


A bitter-sweet visit for James this weekend.  He said his final goodbye to his childhood home.  Born and raised in this very house, it was James’ last steps in a house that holds many memories.

If I’m going to be honest, the realist in me has to admit that our visits to Windsor have changed over the past one to two years.   With the transition of James’ dad downsizing and us living in a different city, it’s brought with it some stress… stress that we all know goes hand in hand with these types of life changes.  We don’t get to enjoy the family time we used to on our visits to Windsor.  We still try to make the most of our time while visiting, especially for the girls.  It’s tough, and this weekend was no exception.



Lovingly always known as just “5231”


Last steps in his childhood bedroom.


Posing in the family room




Bye-bye pretty backyard


Front porch pose



Playing teacher on the porch while daddy talks to a friend who stopped by


This also happened on Saturday!  Windsor now displays this new, massive Canadian Flag, honouring it’s 125th year, and Canada’s 150th year.



Upon our arrival, we pulled up to the finish line of the Mission Mile in downtown Windsor with minutes to go before the start of the race.  The four of us participated, Selena beating all of us easily.  This run was followed by the inaugural Johnny Loaring Memorial Open track meet Saturday evening.  The Loaring’s were introduced and happily honoured Great-Grandpa Johnny Loaring.  How proud he would have been to see this moment and to have this honour!


Keeping warm and busy at the track meet


We filled our late Friday evening and Saturday afternoon with swimming in the Tot’s brand new, beautiful, heated pool!  The girls look so forward to playing with and sleeping over with Emma and Ava on our Windsor trips.  James grew up with Miro and have remained very close friends through the years.  It’s wonderful to see our girls growing up and bonding together.


The girls got a little surprise from mommy and Coleen!  New mermaid cover-up skirts!



As per usual, we could not get them out of the water


Friends having a blast xo