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Birthday Weekend

To start, Annika’s dance team was asked to perform as backup dancers to the Mini Pop Kids tour, who were performing at Riverrun Centre here in Guelph.  They had to learn the choreo quite quickly with only a couple rehearsals, but they all pulled it off and looked fantastic on stage.  It was Annika’s very first encounter with some “star performers,” and she said she wasn’t even nervous!Selena, mommy, daddy and aunt Jenn got to watch everyone shine on stage!The two minis (youngest of the group) Annika and Victoria!backstage prep roomAnd then these pics show some of the fun we had on my birthday, that also fell on Family Day this year!  I’ve never been on a bike on my birthday before!Officially 34 now…. and my brother officially 35 today…. So this is what mid-30s feels like!  Not at all much different than my 20s, except being a mommy is definitely more exciting and very much more fulfilling!!  Through the difficult and tough times, through the everyday mundane times, and through the ama…

My Valentine

Decided to do something a little extra special this year for Valentines.  Mid-February is always the early start to the busiest time of year for BJAMS – Spring!  I count the days to the beautiful spring weather, but our weekends are always filled.  With James’ Florida camp around the corner, and the girls’ dance schedule doubling to get ready for the comp season, all mixed with the winter viruses going around, we don’t get much time to ourselves this time of year.  Exhaustion wouldn’t explain it most days!  Needed something to kick the winter blah… what could I do to make James feel a little special amongst our crazy – Here’s what I came up with:Enso Ring – a ring, symbolizing our wedding band, made of silicone that James can now wear when he’s training.  I got the idea from friends and athletes who wear something similar.  In fact, I noticed these rings on many of the Olympians this past Olympics. I thought it was a perfect idea for James, who doesn’t like having to go places without…

Mavie’s 10 Years Old!

I can’t believe a decade has come and gone.  Our Mavie hits a big milestone today – and I’m going to confidently say he’s only middle aged right now!  He’s going to stick around for at least another 10 years, fingers crossed!Anyone close to us knows that Mavie is my shadow.  If I’m home, he has to be in the same room as me, and a lot of the time he is not satisfied if he can’t see me (even if he knows I’m a couple feet from him).  Mavie’s favourite place to sleep all night long is curled up on James’ feet (his feet radiate heat, even in extreme cold).  I wake up every morning to a huge “Mavie Hug,” as I like to call them.  He jams his head into my neck and sometimes almost does a summersault into me.  When I’m not home, Mavie perches himself on his bed at the front door and looks out until I’m back.  He goes into “depression-mode.”  So much so that when people come over when I’m not home, they get concerned about Mavie as he’s a completely different dog.  My mom is his second mom, so …

Papa’s Birthday!

We celebrate my dad’s 72nd birthday today!  A family dinner at Mandarin was the perfect setting.  The girls made papa some homemade cards and presents, and we got dad his favourite cake – Black Forest!  I added some extras, too Annika’s learned how to draw a really good Flower Man!  She told me she ate fast at lunch break today at school to leave enough time to draw this for her papa xoMom took us all out for the celebration!  My dad’s still pushing through this long-haul chemo regimen – May is the magic month when hopefully we can put all of this behind us.  My dad is the strongest person I know, and has never blinked an eye at what he’s going through.  Our biggest hope and wish this year is for Dad’s health to be back at 100% so he can get outside and do what he loves, running and biking!Dad’s birthday officially kick-starts the cluster of winter birthdays!  Next up… Mavie!

Superbowl 2017

What was looking like one of the biggest blow-outs in the last few years, turned into a historic comeback by New England.  Needless to say, David was losing his mind when his team actually turned things around and came back from a a deficit of 3-28 going into the second half.Have a look at this highlight reel – check out the 4 minute mark – this play is unreal! is a party we look forward to every year, and this year definitely did not disappoint! Rob’s attire – The Queen, Lady Gaga, performed an outstanding half-time showMost of the clanShenanigans (as always in our house…)The moms with their kiddies xo

School, Dance and other things..

This is Selena in Acro class, and Annika volunteers as a helperOur Starbucks treat after a no-cavity dentist trip! Caramel apple spice, their favourite!Hard at work in her solo with teacher Ms. Liz.  This girl has been putting in over 10 hours of dance a week to prepare for the upcoming Showcase.  Selena is working just as hard with her Peewee group, who’ll be performing a jazz number.  Can’t wait to see the performances, I’m counting down the days!Trying out one of the many new restaurants in the neighbourhood, St. Louis (Selena loves her Elena Princess Doll – One of Disney’s new princesses!)New art supplies from Michaels (one of their favourite stores!)This little one just got a B+ on her book report “Ballet School.”  She chose the book, and with the help of mommy and uncle Rob, Annika made this poster and poem, and presented in front of her class.  Brave girl!  So proud of her!