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January 21, 2017, marks 13 years since my mother-in-law’s passing.Lovingly referred to as Nana in the Sun, there are not too many days that go by without one of us referring to her in some way.  Selena got excited the other day when we talked about our Greek dinner plans in honour of Nana in the Sun on Saturday, and innocently and excitedly asked if we would get to see her.   Although wishing we could have said yes, we reminded Selena that she is never far away and is always in our hearts.A beautiful cheers to the woman I will always wish I could have met, Elena xo

Back up… Fall birthday Pics

Too many good photos of the birthdays last fall not to post…!First up… Annika!  Instead of having a birthday party, the girls elected instead to put that money toward a shopping trip to Indigo!Next up…. Daddy!  Officially in his last year of his 30sThe highly controversial election was well represented… Hilary on the left, Ken Bone (famous for his sweater and excellent question-asking at the town hall presidential debate, and president-elect Trump!)Brothers in lawanother controversial attendee… Negan from Walking Deadmishmash of random costumesThis little one lost her first tooth the day after daddy’s birthday!!


Cheers to a beautiful, healthy, fun and exciting new year!  I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.
It was a memorable countdown to 2017 with great family friends - lots of cheers, laughs and memories!  James and I celebrated our 12th New Years Eve together 🎉💘