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BJAMS does Christmas 2016!

Flash-forward a few months since my last post…. we’ve celebrated all of our fall birthdays, progressed to almost half way through grades 3 and 1, and celebrated another wonderful Christmas!  We were able to escape for a few nights before the big day to sunny Florida, thanks to my father-in-law’s Timeshare perk of some free nights at Orange Lake Resort, had lots of fun watching the kids enjoy the excitement of Christmas Eve with their cousin Levi, and Grampy was able to make the trip to Guelph this year to join in on all the fun.It’s been a busy, eventful and interesting year here at BJAMS – some difficult times and some wonderful times – my dad’s been progressing through his chemo – with the combination of his strength, fighting ability and positive attitude, the chemo has reduced the tumor burden to 1%!  The doctor couldn’t be happier – the projected end-date of chemo is set for May 2017, just in time for the nice weather to return!And we said an “almost” goodbye to the cottage which…