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Summer and Back-to-School Pics

The summer has come and gone in a flash… the kids’ first day back at school today – Grades 3 and 1!!Lots of adventures were had this summer, fun times and some times of stress, too.  At the start of summer, my dad was diagnosed with a second blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  He’s currently on infusion 3 of 16 chemo with the path to stem cell transplant after the chemo, which could put him into remission.He’s a fighter and we’ve all got his back with a ton of healthy vibes and positive thoughts!  He’s been feeling much better the past two weeks, and so here’s to hoping that continues into the far future!The girls on their first day back!And, here’s a video of some pics from our recent trip to Muskoka at The Rousseau Marriott Resort and Spa.  Stunning spot, we’ll definitely be back!