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Wow…. it’s been a long Blogger break, but I think I have things up and running again.  After switching to Windows 10, my blogger writer stopped working, and I’ve only now just figured out an alternative.  We’ll see if this works…So to catch up… since the New Year!…. We’ve had birthdays, Super Bowl party, Valentines, March Break, Dance Showcase, work resignation, Easter…. and lots more!  Big, big stuff… but all is good and great here at BJAMS!!  Below are a few pics from the past few months.Levi showing Papa Sid how to use an iPhonePapa Sid with 3 of his great-grandchildren xoxoMy dancer girls Showing off her competition makeup to a shocked daddy!SuperBowl at BJAMSValentines surprisesSpring-like weather on my birthday!Emotional Dance Company Showcase at John F. Ross (the same stage I danced on for 12 years!)Front row center with two of her biggest fans!More spring-in-winter fun!