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BJAMS does Christmas 2016!

Flash-forward a few months since my last post…. we’ve celebrated all of our fall birthdays, progressed to almost half way through grades 3 and 1, and celebrated another wonderful Christmas!  We were able to escape for a few nights before the big day to sunny Florida, thanks to my father-in-law’s Timeshare perk of some free nights at Orange Lake Resort, had lots of fun watching the kids enjoy the excitement of Christmas Eve with their cousin Levi, and Grampy was able to make the trip to Guelph this year to join in on all the fun.It’s been a busy, eventful and interesting year here at BJAMS – some difficult times and some wonderful times – my dad’s been progressing through his chemo – with the combination of his strength, fighting ability and positive attitude, the chemo has reduced the tumor burden to 1%!  The doctor couldn’t be happier – the projected end-date of chemo is set for May 2017, just in time for the nice weather to return!And we said an “almost” goodbye to the cottage which…

Summer and Back-to-School Pics

The summer has come and gone in a flash… the kids’ first day back at school today – Grades 3 and 1!!Lots of adventures were had this summer, fun times and some times of stress, too.  At the start of summer, my dad was diagnosed with a second blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  He’s currently on infusion 3 of 16 chemo with the path to stem cell transplant after the chemo, which could put him into remission.He’s a fighter and we’ve all got his back with a ton of healthy vibes and positive thoughts!  He’s been feeling much better the past two weeks, and so here’s to hoping that continues into the far future!The girls on their first day back!And, here’s a video of some pics from our recent trip to Muskoka at The Rousseau Marriott Resort and Spa.  Stunning spot, we’ll definitely be back!

Nissim and Anat Get Married!

It was a very exciting night last night, celebrating the marriage of two very close friends of ours, Nissim and Anat.  They met and fell in love just one year ago, and knew they didn’t need to waste time.  Nissim proposed on Valentine’s Day this year and the rest is history!!It was our first Jewish wedding.  We got to witness many special Jewish traditions with a splash of new as well.  Anat’s taste in decor was beautiful, too!  We couldn’t be happier for our friends, a true match made in heaven!Nissim affixing the Kippah to James’ head (The Kippah is used as a sign of respect)Traditionally, the men are separated from the women the entire wedding, including reception.  Nissim and Anat decided to only have the separation during the ceremony.Anat’s dad and Nissim’s dad walk him down the isleAnat’s mom walks her down isleWaiting for his bride.  The men fit Nissim in this white jacket and hatThe couple receive many different blessings from different rabbis.There is no wedding party  - and…

Look who started Baseball!

SEEEEENA did!!!We signed Selena up for the first time this year.  She and Annika are playing in the Puslinch Minor Softball League and looks like it’s going to be a great year.  Selena is learning the basics with lots of fun drills.  Annika is doing drills and a short game each week.Running drillMake the base “squeak!”  (it actually did…)Selena with her teammates!  Second from the left is my old friend Juila’s (went to elementary and high school, and played rep baseball and track together) daughter Elena.  Selena and Annika also dance and do track with Elena.  Really a special thing getting to reunite with old friends and seeing our kids grow up together!!Looks like we have another ball player on our hands!  She proudly announced how much she loved baseball after her practice!Annika at bat

May Long-Weekend

Finished up my pruning, mulching and weeding this weekend, had a trip to the beach with the girls, celebrated our neighbour’s 40th, saw some fireworks at uncle David’s and aunt Jenn’s, and concluded the weekend with a bbq with friends.  I’d say a pretty perfect, much-needed, refreshing weekend!Team work to create their “pool”Water therapy and rest for our injured Mavie.  He had a tumble down a couple stairs… but is much better now.  Amazing what some fresh air and rest can do!Look at that cake!  For the deep-sea diving lover