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Annual Girls’ Park Picture!

2012                                                2015I’ve taken this picture of the girls every year since Selena was 1.5 and Annika was 3.5.  Look at them grow!

Pace for the Donkeys 2015

This past weekend, we all raced for the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary in Guelph.  It’s the second year we’ve supported this great cause, and again had a wonderful time!Annika helped me cross the finish line this year!Look at that smile!Meaghan had an amazing race (her first race since high school!) and Karsten smashed the course record!and as always, my parents finished strong!  beating both their times from last year by a few minutes each!!The group (minus Karsten) and our new bestie, Bobrae!

Big Girls Back to School!

They were so excited on Tuesday to meet their teachers and see their friends!How is it possible that Annika has started Grade 2 and Selena is in Senior Kindergarten?!We’re so proud of our beautiful, hardworking and excitable girls.  Wishing them all the best this year at school!…and check out big-brother, protector Mavie looking out for them!

Birthday Celebrations!!

Two of my besties had milestone birthdays this Labour-Day Long Weekend!  Quarter century for Meaghan and 40 for Rob!  The celebrations were three days straight and highlights included top-notch firework display at Colonial Park, fantastic spread of food including a yummy bbq and bacon and pancake breakfast, wine (of course), number balloons and of course relaxing outside on one of the last summery weekends of the year with awesome friends and family!!I kinda went overboard with the leopard print cake… but Meaghan’s a Fashion Blogger ( and this is the closest thing they had to “fashion” décor for a cake lol! Stiletto cake accent… lolMeaghan’s 25th BBQ with friends xoBacon for brekky!Gluten-free waffle brownies!  and some unknown, bare-chested male figure in the background…Twins??Twins??Hugs from the birthday boy!40!!!!Excited about his new minion winter attire xoWhat could it be???Twins??Our milestoner’s