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Big Week!

I made it through alive!!!  not only my first week of my new job, but also the sprint Triathlon in Wasaga!After what was quite the overwhelming and process overloaded week, we got to spend the weekend at beautiful Wasaga Beach.On Sunday I took part in the team challenge in the sprint distance.  I felt like the race went surprising well considering I only just got my new bike up and running two weeks ago, and I haven’t swam since the winter, I went 1:25!  I overcame a panic attack in the water and my aerobar bar pad falling off.I haven’t raced since having kids, and this race reminded me how fun it is, especially racing with a team whose members are so fun and encouraging.  teamLPC rocks!Best Buddies at Wasaga Beach xoSome epic/aggressive cheering happening on Saturday during the Olympic distance Triyes… I decided to do the famous “before-race-gear shot”  I love the race numbers!Annika and Selena were mommy’s biggest cheerers!First 100 meters of the bike… still had one foot out of the …

Exciting things for my brother and I!

First off!!!…. David, Jenn and Levi officially live 1 mile from our doorstep!!!!  They got their keys Wednesday morning and are currently in the lovely process of moving a family….. (never fun…)  Their new place is beautiful - backs on to a horse farm and they get the sunset every night.  And to add to that, Levi will attend the same school as the girls!!  So excited for them!And the news for me… I’m finally officially able to announce my new job position!  I was offered a job at the medical facility I wanted to be part of when I was going to college, the Homewood Health Centre!The past few months, since the new contract with St. Joe’s, have not been going as well as I had hoped.  I wasn’t happy with my job for many reasons.  Knowing I needed to do something about my situation; something, somehow drew me to a job posting for full-time clinical secretary in Clinical Information Management at Homewood.  The job title would include transcription and clinical/record management.  Given the…

Final Summer Visit 2015

Spontaneous trips are always the best!  BJAMS decided to have one last summer cottage visit… What’s in the background???….Elena’s Way, of course!Neighbour Janette’s flower gardenIn need of a little tender loving care, this one got a trim… much better!Kid-time while backyard, rainy triathlon stuff is happening…Mavie got his cottage fix… and will be sleeping for the next three days straight!She has my mom’s eyes xoAs per usual, a good rock and sea glass collection made it’s way home with us“you can’t make me laugh, dad…”“nope…. you still can’t”“but I can…!!!!”Yaaaay, more friends!!! xo

People Just Don’t Know

I just can’t believe how well James and I can identify with all of the parenting reality clips out there…. this one is beyond accurate!I never truly appreciated the dysfunction that David and I brought into my parents’ world when we arrived….I will admit that before kids of my own, I always just thought that my mom was exaggerating…. She totally wasn’t exaggerating; in actual fact, she  minimized the crazy….Oh… the ridiculousness of some of our days….but nothing beats knowing that we’re not the only ones dealing with chaos all the time….


A long, over-due family visit to Elora Gorge was in order this August long-weekend.  We didn’t make it to the Elora Quarry due to crowds, but explored the cute town and had some delicious gelato instead.  We arrived back home safe and sound an hour before the big storm hit – which produced a tornado just outside of Guelph near Orangeville.  The girls got to see their first hail storm, too!!