Monday, June 29, 2015

Garden of BJASE

Our garden is in full bloom this year, it’s almost looking somewhat mature!  After 5 years of seeing my babies grow, the plant mama in me is so proud – Zen-like lunches in our backyard are so wonderful!


This hydrangea will soon be a big, bright pink bloom


Our Lilies seem to have overcome our hungry rabbit “Sparkles” this year – she’s seems to be sick of them and is now munching mostly on the odd weed she can find.


These Lilies border our Magnolia – which I planted purposely so that they would bloom soon after the pink flowers fell off the magnolia – I wanted to have pink in our garden all summer xo


The baby lavender I planted in late summer last year has almost grown to full adult size (usually takes three years)


Our beautiful Clematis comes back each and every year – I’m always concerned that it has died after our harsh winters (it never looks healthy in the spring) but this beauty flowers almost the whole summer!


Hen and Chicks (see her little ones sprouting in the lower right) One of my favourites!


walk-way  to Garden of BJASE

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last day of JK and Grade 1…


      September 2014                      June 2015

What a difference 9.5 months makes! 

Here’s a blog post I couldn’t help but post…  I guess we’re not the only household this rings true to when school’s out…

“An open letter to my kids about summer

Hey Kids,

Feel free to leave your stuff wherever you want this summer. Half-finished smoothies in the family room? No problem. I got it. Socks in the hall. I'm on it. Dishes in the sink? Keep 'em coming. Legos? Everywhere? Love it. Oh, and feel free to drag your blankets all over the house and abandon them the moment you no longer want them. I'll fold them lovingly for you and return them to your rooms.

And doors? Shutting them is optional. I'm right behind you, so, seriously, don't worry about it. I love when the wasps get in and the air conditioning gets out. Who are we to be sequestered in our climate-controlled house? Open door policy in this house. We have endless money.


And it's totally fine to leave your wet bathing suits and towels on any surface, from the floor to the banister. I love heaps, but be creative! Oh, and putting them on painted wood surfaces is the best. I'll grab them so they don't warp the wood. You're busy. Stop. Get back to your Netflix. Friends is not going to binge-watch itself.

And let me know when you are hungry. Don't be encumbered by normal meal times. And please don't coordinate with each other. The kitchen is open 24/7, and I'm happy to whip up anything you need, whenever you need it. I majored in short-order cooking.

And if you make something yourself, just leave every single item exactly where you last needed it. Milk, too. If it goes bad... I'll just buy more. Money? Please. I'll just work more. And I've got the clean-up. I will walk in your footsteps and put things away. It's fun for me to live vicariously through your cooking. Like, Wow, how did they get so much shredded cheese on the counter? Impressive.

And every time you are thirsty... get a new glass. We have tons. And a dishwasher I love to load and unload. Not to mention, as far as I know, endless electricity and water. The world is our oyster.


And if something comes up with your friends? I'm in. I'll drive you there or back -- or, hell, both. I mean, I have a car and a license. I should put it to good use. And please, no need to give me any advance notice. I can easily stop whatever I'm doing, even work, to take you. I know how valuable your time is. Need some money for the movies? You got it, kiddo.

And to the little one, when you feel like it, I'll take you to the pool. Before we go, you can complain and squirm while I put on your sunscreen. Don't hold back. Just be you. Express how you're feeling. It is cold, isn't it? I love the challenge you pose me by inching away slowly as I'm applying it. Good stretch for my arms and back. Kind of you to think of me.

And just one thing on goggles. I'm on it. Don't bother to keep track of yours. I've made it my summer mission to know where your goggles are at all times (in the car... left side... wedged in between the seats). At night, I'm sleeping with them under my pillow. We can't be too careful. How will you swim without them?

Just a few last-minute housekeeping items: Eye rolling? Yes! I love the immediate feedback on my thoughts and ideas. How else can I gauge if I'm pleasing you or not? Showering? Optional. You know what's best. I defer to you. Wearing a hat? No way. The more sun the better. Chores? Just tell me when it's a good time for you. The weeds and messes aren't going anywhere.


One last thing... please always wear your headphones so that you can't hear me when I'm talking to you. Communication is totally overrated. Little-known fact about me: I love yelling things at the top of my lungs three or four times with no response. It's very cathartic. Look it up.

Well, call me crazy, but if you guys follow all of these guidelines, I think this summer is going to be a win for all of us.

Or, if you don't understand sarcasm, you won't make it until July. Either way...

Love you guys.

- The Default Parent


Monday, June 22, 2015

Our dancing stars!

The girls had an incredible finish to their year of hard work – both performed two different dances in their year-end show “The Glass Slipper” at Dunfield Theater.  Daddy got to celebrate his Father’s Day in style, first watching his athletes sweep the podium at Toronto Tri Festival, and then beelining it to Cambridge to see his beautiful girls on stage.  And my dad was proudly able to watch his grandkids on stage and celebrate with us all day.

So proud of our girls for their hard work and dedication.  They’ve worked incredibly hard every Saturday morning since September.  Dance is not only teaching them work ethic, but it’s making them strong and allowing them to express themselves in what seems to be a natural gift for them – they love moving and both have found their rhythm and beat to music.   Annika’s been asked to audition for the competitive team next year, which she’s very excited about!


Cuddles and quiet time before their second show on Sunday!


Trying Annika’s ears on!


Me and my dad – and have a look at his shirt!


Reading “How to Babysit Grandpa”


Annika and Selena’s biggest supporters!


Cinderella’s birds




Backstage on Saturday night rehearsal and show – I was a runner and helping with quick changes – but I managed to sneak a few pics of the girls!


Stage right wing




Fairy Godmothers


Selena’s station


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Little Girl is a Graduate!

Selena graduated JK today!  I can’t believe it’s come and gone so fast!  She has come along way since September, and is going to miss her friends and teachers all summer… but’s it’s time for a break and some fun in the sun!


Eagerly awaiting her little sis!



Our picnic spot… and James with outstanding posture


Timmie was so exhausted from all the excitement…


Selena’s best-buds!  After our picnic in the park


These two are inseparable!  Selena and Analee


Analee, Mrs. Brousseau, Mrs. Cawthra (on maternity leave), and Mrs. Mason (filling in for Mrs. Cawthra’s maternity leave)


Cuddles for Mrs. Mason!


Caomihe was patiently waiting for her buddy to come back for lunch recess!


Comparison!  Annika on the left graduating JK in 2013 – and Selena on the right graduating JK today, 2015!



Same spot, same walk!