Sunday, May 31, 2015

7 Years Married

To my man, Happy 7th Anniversary xo It’s really hard to believe 7 years have passed by so quickly, and how much we’ve accomplished together in these 7 years. It hasn’t always been smooth-sailing, but honestly what good team has every had anything easy… The bond between us grows stronger every year. We’ve learned together what compromise, understanding and patience truly means xox A 1-mile race at City Hall, a drafting clinic, 10+ people crashing the night, bbq, tri clinic in winter-type weather, dance class, dance rehearsal, 7th birthday party, surprise semi-retirement party for my mom, team photo shoot in our living room and roast dinner at my parents… all packed into our anniversary weekend. This is our life! and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I can’t wait for tomorrow to celebrate our “day,” even if it is a day late this year. Love you babe xo

 A perfect day, 7 years ago

One of my favourites from our day

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elena’s Day

Thinking of my beautiful mother-in-law today on her name day, with a loving cheers with my man to her at lunch.  Happy Elena Day to all the Elena’s, Elene’s, Ellen’s, Eleni’s, Eleanor’s, Eleonora’s, Eleonor’s, Nora’s, Marilena’s and Lena’s (aka Selena in our house!)


Monday, May 18, 2015

May Long-Weekend 2015

Our Victoria Day Long-Weekend was filled with all my very favourites!!!  Family, friends, drinks, baseball, swimming, new trampoline, biking, picnic, park, beach, water guns, camping, cousin, papa nana, bbq, neighbours, gardening, tanning.  I love it and needed it!!!  Have I ever said I love my city?!  All of this awesomeness was done at our front door!

Annika improved her ball skills tenfold, Selena beat the boys in a water gun fight, James mastered his duck face and I drank wine xox

Here are some pics I threw together with my new slideshow software!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Annika’s 1st Baseball Game–Minor Mite

This deserves it’s own post….!  A little story of Annika’s very first baseball game of her life.

We showed up thinking a practice was going to happen before the game…. we were wrong….  With minutes to the start, we casually roll in.  Meet the coach and the umpire announces the game is going to begin.  The coach had Annika at the top of the batting order!  (keep in mind, Annika has never actually played a game of baseball… she played blastball 3 years ago… which didn’t include playing an official game on a diamond)  Annika hasn’t held a bat in 3 years and has never really properly swung a bat.  She didn’t even know what the home plate was!  I thought she was going to refuse to go…. but!… brave little Annika marched up to the plate, I had her swing a few times and showed her where her feet go.  So there is… little Annika in her stance, staring at her coach who is about to throw the ball to her from the pitching mound (also keep in mind that Annika never played t-ball, just jumped right into someone throwing a ball at her).  She got her 5 strikes and she was out, but nonetheless, she was so proud of herself, and so were we!  Next inning was the same thing, 5 swings and she was out.  But Annika was still all smiles!  I decided to pull her aside with my dad before her next at-bat to give her a few more tips and get used to “watching the ball.”  She finally made contact in our little practice… and…. her next time up, she got a hit!!!  Ran to 1st base so proudly.  Her teammate up next ended up hitting a homerun, so Annika even got a run for her team!!

Not only did she accomplish her very first hit, but Annika also played 3rd base, 1st base, pitcher (standing next to the coach whose pitching to their own team) and outfield.  She caught a few groundballs and was learning the concept of throwing the ball to the base to get the running out.

It sounds rather silly to be so proud of her over a little baseball game, but I know how much courage it would have taken for her to jump into a game that she knew very little about and do it with so much confidence.  Most adults would have struggled with what Annika conquered yesterday.

After the game on the drive home I asked Annika if she was scared when she had to bat first… she said “ya I was scared and I tried really hard not to cry.”  You would have never known this watching her up there, trying her hardest.  She is our little superstar.  I can’t wait to watch her progress over the summer and fall in love with a game I loved so much growing up!

2015-05-12 19.36.282015-05-12 19.37.41


Annika and her teammate Megan


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day

Could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day!  I love my family so much!  I think this is the hottest Mother’s Day that I can remember, which added to the awesomeness of the day!

We dragged my mom out to all-you-can-eat sushi at Cherry Blossoms, then back to papa nana’s to play some Frisbee with papa, hang with Levi, David and Jenn for a bit, then to pick up some baseball gear for Annika’s first game of the season on Tuesday, then back home to play ball, play monopoly, watch some Frozen, play in the rain, plant some flowers – all combined with lots of smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses.  I loved today!

I’m so proud and lucky to have the two most beautiful girls inside and out to call my daughters, I love them beyond comprehension.  I also feel so fortunate to celebrate this day with my mom every year.  She truly is the best!

To top off the day, Nana in the sun made her appearance  – after attempting many, many shots, trying to sink the soccer ball in the basket (flower pot)in our backyard (a game that James has come to love), he was about to give up and even announced that he was never going to get it in because it was too far away – just then he reminded all of us what nana in the sun always used to say to him – “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  The very next shot sailed right into the basket.  I love the way nana in the sun makes her very special appearances and reminds us how close she always is to us.  She sees, listens and guides us - even when we least expect it.  We love you, nana in the sun ♥


This Allium (chive) grass is from the cottage garden – it somehow magically survived the brutal winter outside in the pot I had it in.  I planted it last week and it already has some buds.  I won’t use this for cooking – I just really like the purple flowers it produces, which will likely bud in the next couple of weeks.


Lily of the Valley – this has tripled in size from last year – and mom told me today that this was my Grandma Huddy’s favourite flower!  She had them lining the side of their house in Woodstock



Three flowers left on our Magnolia.  It bloomed beautifully this year!


That furry thing at the top left is the bud that has already formed which will not bloom until next spring.


Angel in my lavender garden


Springtime buds


One of the new flowers I potted today.


Her new mitt


Concentration – attempting his “shot”


Just for giggles… had to post this video for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, or needs a little laugh.  So very accurate… gotten love all the “tough” husbands out there Smile

Friday, May 8, 2015

10 Things…

I couldn’t imagine a life without my kids xo  10 very accurate parenting advice in this short video - Watch to the end ♥

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Springtime things with Timmie


My early Mother’s Day Gift – A perfect fit for our BJASE Garden



Best-Friends Forever



Selena and I spontaneously signed up for Run For Mom 5k – Selena did the 1mile fun run with uncle Dave who made a surprise visit with Levi!

2015-05-03 12.51.42

Fastest 5k run in 10 years!




Seriously.. how cute is she???  She was the youngest runner by double her age…


Levi was all smiles!


Meanwhile… Annika was enjoying pottery painting at Julia’s 7th Birthday Party!


We found Elie!!!!  We had accidentally left Elie behind last year at a hotel…. Elie is one of Annika’s prize possessions, so needless to say, she was very upset this past year, and would tear up every time we talked about her Elie.  Somehow… mommy was able to finally find Elie online and she arrived last week.  Annika was a very happy girl!


Post-race/party suntanning


My parents are back from their latest European adventures – these were some of the pics I captured of the boys this week… they love to cuddle xo