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Christmas Festivities

Amongst our very full schedules…we have, of course, made time to fill our house with all of our festive Christmas "props!"  The tree went up, like clockwork, on December 1st.  This year, the decorating was almost entirely done by the girls!  I see the Christmas spark (inherited from mommy and papa) in their eyes!  The countdown is in full swing, and the girls have shown Luna (our special elf friend) how good they are.  They've both completed their "good behaviour" stamp card from Luna, and got an extra special surprise this morning (a Luna pez dispenser and Luna craft bag!) Our mini tree! A couple of my favourite ornaments!
Aaaaand… the girls performed in their Christmas Dance Concert this past weekend! Santa came for a visit!

Life Partner

I saw and read this cute post below from the Elite Daily website… 25 signs you’ve found your life partnerWhile it’s nearly impossible to possess of all them 365 days a year, it’s these little things that make or break it.James and I most definitely did not posses all of these over the years, but we’ve come pretty close now 10 years later.  The key to happiness is not letting the negative overcome the positive.  Some days, laughing about the hard stuff is all that’s needed!  And besides, is the “hard stuff” ever really that hard?? – at the end of the day, if you have your health, your safety and your love sitting beside you, nothing else matters xo The quest to find our one true “person” is always on the forefront of our minds.It’s almost impossible to escape the desire to find our soulmates when rom-coms are flooding our television screens, adorable couples are taking over our Instagram pages and most of our friends are getting engaged or married.No wonder we’re feeling more alone tha…

Birthdays for the Beauty and Handsome Man!

Levi and Selena celebrated together their 1st and 5th birthdays on Thursday!BJAMS hung out at Chuck-E Cheese before heading over to Levi’s place to give him a birthday hug and kiss!Mommy and the birthday girl!It’s hard to believe that a year ago today, David and Jenn were comforting little Levi in his incubator in the amazing hands of the doctors and nurses at McMaster.  Now, Levi has completely caught up to where a one-year-old should be – is crawling, standing and eating like no tomorrow.  We’re all so proud of him and what he’s overcome in the past year – truly a miracle to see him so healthy and happy!!!The celebrating wasn’t over on Thursday, though!  Jenn and David threw Levi his 1st Birthday party on Sunday where family and friends helped him ring in his first year in style!The Cousins!Super proud of his brand new rocking chair from his grandma Bruder (Jenn’s mom)!Jenn made fantastic teddy bear cupcakes!!And the grandma Janet’s dressed the same!

Birthday Beauties and their Parties!

Just doing a little catching up from the past couple of weeks!  Rewind to Halloween… my birthday babe rang in his 38th in style as always with his trick-or-treating beauties.  This year, James was lucky enough to have his birthday fall on a Saturday, so the West Monster Run and bash took place the same day!  A little tamer this year than compared to the past few…. (it must be our age…..) but nonetheless still a lot of fun and love!Look at these fantastic costumes…!Crazy aunt Bre scaring poor Levi xoThe princess and her dragon xoHonestly…. no words for how cute this one is!And there’s our princesses!  Elsa x2 and sister Anna!This is what greeted the trick-or-treaters (and we broke records this year due to awesome weather and lots of troopers!…. over 200 kids to our doorstep!)The tooth fairy and her kitty??…This group made a quick pit-stop so I could grab a photo!!  Fantastic costumes!James and his boysMy birthday boyAnd fast-forward to this weekend!!  Selena had a blast with 12 of her …