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Just call me Mrs. Fix-It!

I’m not one to ever toot my own horn, but over the past year, my list of house fix-ups is becoming quite large!  1.  Valentine’s day morning 2014 (how could I forget the day of this disaster… who has ever put their head inside a drain pipe on Valentine’s morning?!) – our bathroom sink decided it was going to stop draining and almost overflow.  If you’ve ever de-clogged a bathroom sink drain, you’ll know that it’s not an easy one-step job… but… had it back up and working within an hour!2.  Our kitchen sink water pressure decreased to almost nothing.  With a few tweaks here and few unscrews there, back to full pressure in no time!3.  Our inside garage door started slamming against the frame and wouldn’t stay shut; kept setting off our door alarm.  I now known how to put a door handle together and how all the weird-looking pieces and locking mechanisms function, and our door seamlessly shuts without slamming and our alarm is no longer being set off every few hours.4.  Flushing pressure o…

Christmas Cheer!

It has come and gone again… hard to believe!  We are so blessed to have had a healthy, exciting, non-stop, fun year!  As always, we’re looking forward to what the New Year has in store.The kids are busy exploring and playing with all of their new toys and games (they were spoiled again by Santa, family and friends!)  Here are a few pics and a video of the fun we’ve had the past week!First stop was the cottageThen to Detroit to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze show at the Fox thanks to Char and GrampyChar invited some extend family to dinner afterwards (John’s half-brother, John, and his wife and kids)While the adults did the boring inside stuff…. the kids and I did the fun outdoors stuff.  Selena’s first time on ice and she was as pro as a 4-year-old gets!The girls got their baking and craft-time fixWhile watching the kids play in late morning on the sand with the very calm water, I took a picture of the sun rays peaking down on the lake.  Have a look at this mysterious red-winged dot hover…

Christmas Concert and Updates

Annika and Selena performed in their school’s Christmas concert on Monday and Tuesday.  Adorable production and job well done by all students!and nothing stops our girls from doing what they want… biking in the middle of December with snowsuits!!Off to nana and papa’s we go!Levi update:  The little guy has been doing amazing!  After his bowel rest, they started him slowly back on NG feeds and has been tolerating them like a champ!  He now weighs just about 5 lb (4lb,14oz).  As of Tuesday, they took his PICC line out and moved him to a crib!  If he continues to gain weight and regulate body temp and stay clear of any signs of NEC or infection, he’ll be transferred to Kitchener!  He’s been placed on the transfer list and could be as soon as this Friday (Dec 19 – one month old!!!)“Hi mama!”

A post worth reading…

Below is a blog post that I came across, and for me, really hit home.  I think it goes without saying for anyone who has had kids, one of the hardest things to accept, understand and prepare for is the relationship change that comes with having babies.  You can so easily be consumed with the blissful thought of having a baby with the person you love, but you’re not capable (until you’re living it) to completely understand the changes that are about to occur.Having babies and kids is by far the world’s greatest miracle, there is no feeling that can compare to the love you have and feel for your children…. but, taking this adventure and thinking it will only ever be amazing and easy and that everyday will mimic the pictures you see of smiling babies and blissful family outings…is only just an illusion.It’s something that no one really tells you or warns you about, or if they do, you can’t fully understand it or don’t believe it.This change happens… it’s hard… but with time, adjusting an…

Christmas Recital 2014

All the sisters in the Prep roomExcited with her bestie!Look at that smile!  And she’s got a perfected 1st position!Here we gooooo…She really does light up the stage… natural rhythm and beautyI had tears in my eyes watching this one… she could not be more adorable.  Performing is her thing!…and then Santa came!Sharing their secrets….…not quite sure

Christmas Tree and Pups

Maverick… not feelin the decorations, yet..and the dogs… Mavie officially excited for Christmas!Timmie reminds me of the Elf on the Shelf hereSuch a handsome young manIt’s Timmie’s 3rd Birthday Tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Timothy!Eating his elf necklace…and Timmie helping