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Thanksgiving at the Cottage

Presents from Colasanti’s from auntie char!  Each got a little cactus, hair clips, Annika picked out a scarf and Selena got a couple little trinkets to add to her ever-growing collectionA date with SpidermanWe took the back roads homeBayside Brewery Company in Erieau

Pace for the Donkeys

I found a great running race a few months back that raises money for the Donkey Sanctuary here in Guelph.  This was their second year holding this race, which this year raised $18,000!  My parents, cousin, Selena and Annika and I all signed up!  Little did we know that the course was going to be quite a tough one (true cross country!), and a tad longer than 5k, too!  It was a fun morning with perfect weather!Grampie just so happened to be visiting the weekend of the race!School bus shuttle to the race site!\Leanne and I pre-race….…and nearing the end of the race… climbing one of the many hills!Cousin Connie and son EthanWe ventured to the new natural playground at one of our nearby schools for a little while after the race