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Biker girls

We officially have two super cool, super awesome, super fast biker girls in this family!These two girls love their bikes so much that they can’t be outside without them!  Any walk we take, any morning tea on the porch or gardening the front… they are on their bikes, up and down the sidewalk, until mommy says its time to go in.  Selena has taught herself, over four days, how to efficiently glide like a pro on her bike, and almost keep up with her big sister!And look at the new perfect bike helmet hairdo!I taught myself how to do this side Dutch braid on Annika, and realized how perfect it was for biking when she put her helmet on!Timmie does NOT like it when Annika gets too far ahead…  He needs his sidekick close by at all times!Annika can proudly ride her bike standing, off the seat now!  She told me today that she thought only “big kids” could do that…

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I took this great opportunity to start to teach Annika what awareness is (…that we are very lucky to live where we live, be healthy and have the things that we have – and that not everyone is that fortunate), and how donations to charities can help to find medicines, provide support and nourishment to people around the world who need it, and even sometimes cures for very bad sicknesses, and how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has done that in so many ways.  Annika was very excited to take part in the “viral” ALS ice bucket challenge.  I showed her the following video and she excitedly accepted the challenge!  Little Sister Selena was even excited too, (although admittedly, Selena didn’t quite understand the meaning…. it was just a fun excuse to play with ice and water in a huge bucket )..and here is Annika and Selena’s challenge!Papa and Nana showed up just in time!  Annika and I helped papa complete the challenge!Donate, pour some ice water on yourself, or simply spread the word!  It al…

School Ready!

Today, Selena got to meet her JK teacher, Mrs. Cawthra, at the lemonade and cookie drop-in.  Big-sister Annika helped Selena feel comfortable and showed her where everything was (Annika had the same room when she was in JK).And yesterday, I took the girls back-to-school shopping – they are officially equipped with new bags, fully-loaded pencil bag and binders – and I took them to the theater to see Planes 2.  All in all, a very productive and fun couple of days – combined with slowly turning  summertime chaos, to organized school!

Summer Collages

Some fun summer collages of some of the little adventures BJAMS has hadWe took the kids to Speed River Park for ice cream and a visit to John McCrae house (author of the famous poem:  “In Flanders Fields”)Speed River with all my babiesThis is the house that my parents first bought and moved to in Guelph (from London).  David was 3, I was 2.  We lived here until I was 6 when we moved to the house we lived in throughout elementary and high school.Another gem of a park in Guelph: Riverside where many of the city’s festivals are held – this one:  Ribfest!This morning, the girls had a special trip with nana and papa to the hair salon!  They are all set and looking perfect for back-to-school next week!

Two weeks…?!

It’s here…. almost!  Officially, James and I will be parents of two full-time grade-schoolers!  As hard as it is seeing our little princesses grow up so fast, I have to admit, I’m a little excited… quiet house, routine, less refereeing, tired kids, less multitasking, ability to breath, ability to relax, did I say quiet house?  aaahhhhh!A little laugh for my fellow school-grader parents

It happened…

LICE… Oh my word!  I can honestly say it has been the most disgusting thing I have ever had to do… pick these gross little creatures and their nasty little eggs, out of Annika’s hair, while at the same time freaking out that I have them and scratching my head like crazy.  Thank goodness these disgusting little things are harmless, but holy man, the most disgusting, disturbing thing EVER!  After eight hours of picking through Annika’s hair, I am still finding little eggs in there.Thankfully, my parents came to my rescue (as always!), bought the lice treatment for us and made the whole process a lot easier.  I have no idea what I would have done without them… James was in Ottawa, I didn’t have a car (and wouldn’t have wanted to put Annika in the car after realizing she had these things in her hair), and I was on the verge of a complete panic attack (I don’t do well with crawling creatures that resemble anything close to a spider – Lice have six little disgusting legs and look like a cle…