Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Six-Year, Jamsie

A video I put together for James ♥  Pretty much sums up “us” and the good times we’ve had over the years.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


For anyone who needs a laugh, click on the link and read…. it’s been a long week and this just made me laugh out loud multiple times!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Our little sicky

Selena was diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis this weekend.  After three days of wanting nothing other than to sleep or lie down, I decided it was necessary to have her seen.  The doctors ordered ultrasound and blood work to rule out appendicitis since she was showing signs of pain in the abdomen.  Turns out, she had major inflammation of the lymph nodes in the lower quadrant (essentially, her body is fighting off a virus – most likely gastric-related).

Thankfully, adenitis is self-limited and treatable at home with Advil and Tylenol.  It’s taking it’s course but I think she’s starting to bounce back now.  Sunday she was showing signs of herself again.

Needless to say….. we didn’t have the greatest of weekends, but at least mommy got some really good cuddles and even a little bike ride with the girls and papa. 


She was such a brave girl at the hospital

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Special Day

Yesterday, we celebrated the name day of my late mother-in-law, “Elena.”   In Greece (and many other European countries) they not only celebrate birthdays, but also, and sometimes to a bigger degree, their name day.

To make this year’s Elena name day even more meaningful, I received my Advanced Level Reiki certificate and attunement.  After having had to reschedule a couple of times, the final date that worked for everyone landed on May 21.  It wasn’t until I was confirming with my teacher that I realized that there was a special reason why the class was being rescheduled Winking smile  (no such thing as coincidence!)

Why so much excitement?!!

I  have always felt that Elena has been part of this spiritual/healing adventure of mine.  It all started back in my childhood when I was told my Aunt Carole, when  she was younger, read Tarot cards.  This was so interesting to me and for a while in my teen years, my friends and I played around with witchy stuff/voodoo dolls/Ouija boards (little did I know at the time that these things are more along the “dark side” of things).  But, it was all just for fun and no harm was done!

It wasn’t until January 2006 when I saw a medium (Sandy), that I really started to understand how all of this energy/spirit stuff really worked.  Long story short:

--I waited a year to see Sandy.  By the time she called, I had just started a relationship with James; who at the time had only lost his mom two years prior.

--I was very excited for my appointment with Sandy, thinking that maybe my grandma would step forward.

--Not only did I get both my grandma and grandpa Sharratt saying hello, but the first energy that Sandy was sensing was a middle-aged woman.  I had to tell Sandy that I didn’t know a younger woman who had passed.  As a medium, she explained that usually when the person doesn’t recognize the energy , that energy steps back.  But, this energy was standing strong and would not budge.  I said very tentatively, “it might be the mother of my very new boyfriend.”  BINGO!  That was it….

--Since I had never met Elena and at the time didn’t know very much about the Loaring family, I had no clue if what Sandy was saying was accurate.  Later, James listened to the recording of our sessions and confirmed the accuracy.

At this point, many may be thinking “this girl is crazy for believing this stuff.”  Convincing or expecting people to understand will never be necessary for me.  All I know is, it makes me happy, I have felt and seen the positive effects of energy in many forms, and I know that the ability to help people is something that I’m drawn to!

To all of the Elena’s out there – Hope you had a wonderful Elena Day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Potential identical twins ~ 90 years apart

Photo 2014-05-16, 11 46 29 AM

Besides the “Tovey” chin  and longer face shape (from my mom’s side), Annika’s double is James’ grandma (John’s mother).  Are they not almost identical people???  When I look at pictures of James’ grandma, I see Annika when she’s older….  I feel like the picture on the left will be what Annika looks like in her 20’s.   I’ve never seen a picture of Ellen when she was young, but I can bet money that you would have to look hard to see who was who!

Also of interest:  Ellen Selina Loaring (ne Ruston) was born Oct 4, 1918 – almost exactly 90 years before Annika - Oct 7, 2008.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

I could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day Weekend!  It was a perfect line-up…. A hike and The Keg Dinner on Saturday, followed by homemade French toast breaky from James and the girls, and then an epic BJAMS 3-hour bike ride – first stop Nana and Papa’s to give Nana hugs and kisses and a little surprise (and where I surprised James with his early anniversary gift), then through the streets and trails of Westminster to Lucie’s Bakery and the Olive Tree (calamari, gourmet sandwiches and cupcakes) to have a picnic at the park in our old neighbourhood….bringing back old memories of where James and I first lived and where Annika was born, then back to BJAMS for pool and waterslide fun with nana and papa, David and Jenn and Karsten and Meaghan, and to top it off, a BBQ steak dinner!  Fantastic day, fantastic weather and fantastic company!!!

Some fun pics I put together Smile

Photo 2014-05-10, 1 30 48 PMPhoto 2014-05-10, 6 54 30 PMPhoto 2014-05-10, 8 50 44 PMPhoto 2014-05-10, 8 55 32 PMPhoto 2014-05-11, 8 34 40 AM (1)

The girls surprised me with some great crafts they made at daycare and school!  Necklace, cards and an awesome new tote bag with handprint and footprint art! And James got me a Laura Secord chocolate basket


Start of our bike adventure and James proudly showing off his new fixie


Mavie loves to swim!


David and Jenn got mom and I a handmade bichon cross stich picture.  So sweet!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tranquil sneak peek!

Our website has officially made it’s soft-opening!  And, Tranquil’s first batch of homemade soap was a success!  Our scrubs have also been a hit with our testers Smile

I am proud that I can say Tranquil Transitions was made from the ground-up – including everything from the body products to the website!  Everything you see has been brought to you by yours truly.  My excitement for helping people can only keep growing!!! ♥

Grand-opening will come later this year.

Click to see our website!:


Epsom Salt Scrub


Lavender, sage and rosemary goat’s milk soap! (smells delish!)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May weekend

My mom bought Annika and I tickets to see Stars on Ice!  What a great show!  Annika was very excited to see the “olympnic people” Open-mouthed smile

momstarsphoto 3

Scott Moyer and Tessa Virtue


The cast


We also attended Meaghan’s bridal shower.  The girls were super excited to help with gift-opening!