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Mama Loaring

10 Years have passed since James lost his mom.  I met him just before year two.  I have seen and felt the shifts he’s gone through since then, and it’s comforting to know that such a sad time can turn into a learning experience and guidance for life’s journey.I will never forget some of the initial things that happened after first meeting James, becoming aware of how close he was to his mom and how much love he felt for her - It didn’t take much longer than a few minutes upon entering the cottage for the very first time, for me to feel a loving presence and connection to someone like no other.Shortly after James and I first met, he asked me when my birthday was.  When I told him February 20, his reaction was interesting.  The look on his face was something I’ll never forget.  He didn’t say anything, at that time, other than, oh wow.  I didn’t ask about his reaction because I thought he was just surprised that it was coming up soon (he asked me in January).  On my birthday the followin…

Catch Up!

Wow.. what a couple of weeks this has been!  Annika’s stomach bug ended up getting Selena and Mommy   The first time I’ve had the stomach flu since elementary school… ended up having to face my fear and disgust of throwing up, and suffered through it for 24 hours, with Selena suffering right by my side…. We all feel much better and back to ourselves now (thank Goodness!).  So, we’re all cleansed with super immunity now!!As promised, I put together the photos and video my parents took on New Year’s Eve with the girls.  My parents moved to the clock forward to midnight at 9pm for the girls so they could participate in my dad’s traditions – they loved it!

Just a typical, epic day of parenting…

I’m sure that every mommy around the world will very much be able to empathize with my day yesterday.  For future laughs, I’ve decided to jot it down… I’m sure I’ll be able to laugh at this in 15+ years’ time.  As for right now….all I need is sleep…Waking up to what I thought was going to be a normal Sunday here at BJAMS’ …the regular wakeup call from Annika “Hi mom.”  But… this time, 20 seconds after the wake-up, Annie comes running over with her hand over her mouth whining.  With mommy instinct immediately kicking in, like a lightening bolt, I shot out of bed knowing what was about to happen; making it within one step of the toilet, our bathroom sink and cupboards were drenched…  I still had hopes that it was just a fluke.   Getting by the first half an hour without another episode is usually our safe ground.  Watching the clock, and fingers crossed, I was hoping that we would get by that marker… but then, BOOM… another for the poor little girl… and then another half an hour, like c…

Happy New Year!

We brought the New Year in with a bang!  A jazz feel to start at Manhattans Pizza with live pianist and delicious pizza and wine!  The Keg for dessert and then to Nichole’s to officially celebrate the countdown with friends and family, hot tub-style!!The girls celebrated with Nana and Papa this year, and even helped Papa with his New Year’s traditions (I’ll post video soon!)The New Year has already brought us a sinus infection and stomach flu… so here’s to hoping our immune systems will be boosted for the rest of the year!Manhattan’s live musicThe bar had an aquarium inside the wall!Celebrating 8 Years together xo (I think this will be a good one – 8 is both mine and James’ favourite number!)