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Terry Fox Run and “Yummy”

Annika brought home a surprise friend this week, named “Yummy.”  Annika told us that yummy is the classroom helper who helps to remind everyone to be kind to each other, use manners, help one another and be a friend to everyone.It was Annika turn to bring Yummy home and show him all her favourite things.  Annika first brought Yummy to nana and papa’s house and shared a sucker with him, then brought him to dance class, to the park and then home to have dinner, brushed his hair and then dressed him in some night clothes she found and tucked him into bed.  Yummy stayed home while Annika went to daycare the next day, and then went everywhere with Annika the rest of the day, got dressed in many different outfits, we gave him a bath in the washing machine, and she tucked him in to bed again.  Back to the classroom he went to be sent with another friend the next day.What a cute idea!Annika and YummyBreakfast with YummyFast asleep with her buddyAnnika wanted him to sleep with my old childhood…


I don’t usually talk much about religion, but I do believe in God and I am Christian.  I don’t go to church often, but to me that has never made a difference in what I believe, or the way I live my life.Some food for thought….I believe religion is based on how someone should live their life – loving others, respecting others and yourself, being kind, being a good person, helping others, among many other similar traits.  Going to church is one way of living a Christian life, but to me it does not define one’s beliefs, either religiously or spirituality whether it be God, or nature or whatever.  The same meaning and feeling that one may experience during a church service, could be the same way another person may feel when they are walking in nature, or riding a bike, or meditating, or watching their kids play.  This is why I feel sad for people who feel that going to church is a chore.  It shouldn’t be a chore.  If you don’t feel closer to God while you are sitting in church, then why n…

Grampie’s Birthday

We had a mini celebration for Grampie in Windsor this weekend.  Annika made one of her special cards and gave grampie a couple pretty pictures of the family.We played at Monkey Town in Windsor, grabbed some goodies at one of Annika’s favourite stores “Justice,” ate at the famous Tunnel BBQ, had some manicure time, BBQ at the cottage and Tunnel BBQ cheesecake for dessert.Happy Birthday Grampie!Snack time at Monkey TownRight before Annika sling-shot her sister off the alligator…In her element! (Annika loves to play “waitress” at “Annika’s Cafe.”)

Crazy weekend!

To end off what was supposed to be a low-key weekend, we took the girls to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm!  As always, the kids had a blast and picked some pretty good-looking apples!with daddy to start……but were brave girls this year on their own!no ribs this year, but sausages and BBQ’d corn-on-the-cob was just as good!Racoon Annika (for papa) and doggy selena (for her buddies timmie and mavie)seconds before she decided to let go and plummet to the ground….but daddy’s “city-champion badminton reflexes” came in handy and cushioned the fall!Look-a-likes! (totally did not plan this!)Pony Rides!She was so proud!And, we got a nice surprise visit from Rob, Hilary and baby Gwen :)Annika was so excited to play with baby Gwen :)  She’s already asked me when she gets to be a mommy

Westminster Woods Community BBQ

Third year in a row we’ve attended the community BBQ; it’s hard to pass up bouncy castles, face painting, Cinderella, pulled pork sammies, smoothies, slides, swings and goodies!Like father, like daughters…. they love their food! I said previously..last man standing, as always!Bear hugsCinderella Hugs!Pixie dustAnnie and Kate