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Annika and her new best friend

Never leaves her side for long ♥


This story that was posted by James’ cousin who has two kids very close in age to ours.  Whoever wrote this knew what they were talking about.  Ever ounce of this story is true.  Some of it I had heard before I had children, and when I think back to my years before children it makes me snicker a little.  As much as I thought I knew how I would feel after I had children….I really, truly had no clue until they actually came into this world.  It’s impossible to know that feeling until you are holding your own child….it is a completely life altering feeling.…it’s like taking baby steps for the first time, you must teach yourself how to live with this new, scary but really awesome feeling of loving something more than life itself."We are sitting at lunch one day when my daughter casually mentions that she and her husband are thinking of "starting a family." "We're taking a survey," she says half-joking. "Do you think I should have a baby?"

Party Time!

Annika got to celebrate Megan’s 5th birthday with a couple friends from school at Funmazing!Then we spent the rest of the day with auntie Steph and Jamie – craft time, picture time, homemade (by the kids) pizza, movie time and then finally bedtime.  Mommies were TIRED!Birthday Girl and her buddyAnnika, Megan, three girls from Megan’s daycare, Alydia and HayleyScored a pretty cool heart ring at the arcadeThe final product!trail walk (cut short due to infestation of mosquitos)Jamie and MeAuntie and Annie

Puppy Love

One of my favourite pastime is watching animals interact :)  Especially my own!  Timmie is with us for three weeks.  He’s completely settled in and Mavie’s officially accepted that he has to share his house and all his belongings with him.Today, during our morning walk, Timmie and Mavie met what I thought was a cute little innocent dog.  All three dogs were happily sniffing each other, when suddenly the new friend decided to turn evil and tried to nip Mavie….at which point, in a split second, protective Timmie tackled and pinned down little bully dog and put him in his place!I guess Timmie was so proud of himself that later in the walk he decided to mark his spot on Mavie’s head.  I didn’t realize until we got home when I went to pick Mavie up and he had a funk smell on him.  At first I thought he’d rolled in something dead….then I realized the stank smell didn’t quite match up to a dead smell….it was pee.  Mavie was in need of a hair cut anyway, so to the groomers we went (aka Bree’s…

Summer reality

…… yep, this pretty much sums up my summer.  Whoever said “go to the beach with the kids to relax…”  obviously never had children!

Early Years

I’ve finally compiled a little video of most of my favourite video clips of the girls between ages 0-4.  They are such sweethearts and love each other so much ~ you can see for yourself in this video :)We are so blessed to have these two beautiful girls in our lives.  Words can’t expressed how thankful I am, and how wonderfully complete they have made our lives ♥

Cottage Weekend

We’re home from our first official mini-vaca of the year.  Highlight was Annika and Selena’s first every mini kids of steel triathlon – swim (wading pool) 10 meters – bike 100 meters – run 50 meters.Annika proudly and successfully did the entire race unassisted, all by herself :)  Selena (I believe the youngest ever Loaring to complete a triathlon)did the race with mommy’s help, walked the bike portion (wasn’t feeling her helmet that morning…) and both girls got awesome little metals!  Such a fun atmosphere, and Annika’s super excited to do another!!We had some good family time at the cottage – lots of trampoline time, rock picking (inherited their love of rocks from daddy), fruit-stand and cupcake shopping with auntie char, and blueberry picking.  We also went to the inaugural colchester villagefest, played at the park and splash pad and got an underwear full of mucky sand after playing in the waves down at the beach.I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!Waiting patiently for mechanic…