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“How to to talk to your daughter about her body”

Seeing as I have two girls, I thought this article was bang-on, on how I see raising a child (especially a girl) in the healthiest way.It has always alarmed me at how many people put such emphasis on someone’s body image - either through a comment made about a stranger, or a comment made about one’s self.  I, myself, have never and would never look at anyone and think to myself, “wow, they need to lose weight,” or “how can that person be eating those fries or candy, no wonder they are overweight.”  Statements like these make me cringe; in the same way the word “fat” makes me cringe.  In fact, I have banned this word and classify it as a swear word in our house.Instead of looking at a potentially overweight person eating a French fry and thinking they shouldn’t be doing that; I don’t even notice their body or what they are eating; I see a person smiling, or having a good time, loving life and enjoying it.  If someone is happy, their life is fulfilled, at least to a healthy degree.  If …

Annika’s Big Hair Day!

Annika decided she didn’t want long hair anymoreare you sure????!!!Yep!  She did it!Prettying things upI think she likes it :)Beautiful girl!Daddy likes it, too!♥ Annika is proudly donating her hair to “Locks of Love” – A foundation that provides human-hair wigs to children with cancer who have lost their hair during chemo/radiation therapy ♥

T.O. Weekend

This quite possibly was my most eventful weekend this year!  The chaos of Toronto can completely take over, making what would normally be a quiet little stroll or drive, a completely out-of-control, time-consuming craziness (especially with two little kids and no stroller).I got to Toronto on Friday for some girlie time with friends for Corinne’s bachelorette day.  We went to Sugar Beach, learned how to dance on a bar to Coyote Ugly and went to a great bar downtown TO. Sugar Beach!  You would have no idea you were in the downtown core of TO.  Great spot!Coyote Ugly!Tattoo Rock ParlourJames and the girls, and grampie and auntie arrived Saturday morning.  We ventured through the craziness of downtown, had some lunch and later spent the evening down on the lakeshore.The Toronto Triathlon Festival was the main reason for our trip.  LPC had 25 members racing, and took the overall team win!  Lots of great racing and many on the podium for their respective age groups.High Park ended our week…

Summer Heat!

I can’t get enough of this hot, hot weather we’re getting!  I will take extreme heat over bitter cold any day.  The girls and mavie, too, are soaking up the sun and keeping cool in the kiddy pool and sprinkler.  We have our own little summer oasis backyard :DMavie loves to play soccer

Summer Dance Camp!

Annika learned some new dance steps and songs at dance camp last week.  She and her friends performed for us to close the week.  Thanks to Performance Dance for another awesome week of dance!Some acro to start!LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!The dancing begins :)Hugs for proud papa! If You’re Happy and you know it Clap your Hands!

Summertime Festivals

We brought the kids downtown to see Art on the Street.  Quebec Street in Guelph is completely shut down for the day and filled with hundreds of people.  The girls loved the kids art – got to make their very own buttons and paint some pictures and watch a live show.Italian Festival was on this weekend today too so we stopped in for a bite to eat and played in the carnival for a while.  I put together a little video from the pics today, and you will hear the background song which is sung by the performer that we saw at Italian Fest.  Amazing voice!  Band name is Whitebrow, and song “Don’t Pass me By.”

Jamie’s 3rd Birthday!! and James’ Rocks

Cars Bouncy Castle!Jamie and his cousin MadisonYummy Hotdogs!!!Selena, Madison and AnnikaCake!Can’t believe he’s already 3!  Love this little guy ♥Of course present time!!!! On our way to pick out rocks – we stopped by St. Jacob’s Market.  Yes rocks….most would think “so what” ….not my husband!  They are one of his favourite things…Here is what our new landscaping looks like – A big thanks to Canada Green Lawn Care (co-owned by a family friend and triathlete) for doing such a great job!