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Dance Recital 2013

I could only take pictures and video during the rehearsal.  I’m so proud of Annika, she’s our little Star!  She was so excited about her recital.  She practiced lots and it showed, she remembered all her steps!Dance is over the summer, but we get to look forward to seeing both Annika and Selena dance next year, I can’t wait!Annika was so excited to have her auntie Steph as her backstage assistant again this year!♥About to start!  Excited to see her sister “kaka”on stage!Award Ceremony and finale Annika’s new twin Barbie dancerFlowers and a special card from papa and nanaCheers to a great day and an awesome little dancer!…until next time


This is one of the most beautiful silhouette dances I’ve ever seen.  There are so many emotions that can be brought out through dance.  I love it!  It’s something that I can say makes me smile no matter what is happening around me. Annika’s recital is this weekend – which will touch me just as much as this video did :) “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”  ~Martha Graham

May Long Weekend

Not sure that we could have fit much more into this year’s Victoria’s Day Weekend!I’ll start with the highlight of the weekend…It feels like watching her take her first steps, I’m so proud of her!!Sunshine and relaxation!!Maybe a sprinter like mommy?We finally got to meet baby Gwen – five weeks old and cute as a button!On our way home from London, we decided to take some back roads and snake through London, and something led us to my grandma Sharratt’s grave site :)  She is buried next to her parents (Theresa and Albin) and brother(Victor and Violet Dawkins)There she is!Cucumber Martinis with my bestie for a much needed catch-up!James booked a last-minute overnight stay in Niagara at the Embassy!

Happy Mama’s Day

The kids and James woke me up to some new soap and lotion, and then brought me breakfast and tea in bed, and some awesome cuddles!!!Over to nana and papa’s we went with more hugs and cuddles and presents, and then to Moxie’s for Mother’s Day Brunch.Home now to relax and be thankful for the two wonderful, perfect girls that I get to call my daughters ♥Happy Mama’s Day to all the awesome moms and moms-to-be I know, and of course to my Beautiful and Perfect mom who I love so much!Annika’s awesome homemade crafts she made for me at schoolDianna (Selena and Annika’s daycare teacher) helped them paint their very own coffee mug for me! Perfect for my morning teaAnnika, Selena and Mavie’s hand and paw printsJames and I looking orangeTrying out Annika’s glassesEnjoying out sangrias during brunch

Spring things

We have jumped full throttle into spring mode with weekends already filling up.  Here is how our past weekend wentNew trail that daddy found - “Crawford Tract”selena has a cute little bum!Attempt at a family photo using timer mode (fail!)…we stopped after mommy fell into a thorn bush and mangled her arm…
Nap time in her climber after our huge hikeDavid with his work buddy and brother-in-law Tom showing off their bikes.  Stayed for some burgers to fuel David for his first ever Marathon the next morning (placed 8th overall in 2:47!)The boys catching some rays on our new patio set Dance photo ShootCan’t wait to see the photos!BBQ with some great friends brought the weekend to an end :) (Ethan hanging with the girls!)Sophie and Selena“Princess BBQ” – Kate, Sophie, Selena and Annika


My dad sent me this quote this morning - now one of my all-time favourites.  Every bit of it is true.  It’s a quote that could have been taken right out of my dad’s mouth – he’s the best papa/grandpa any child could ask for!  He knows the importance of these young years in Annika and Selena’s lives; that they won’t always be wanting to play like they do, be so innocent, inquisitive and carefree.  My dad will never pass up an opportunity sit and play, or take our girls for a walk in the woods.Knowing that nothing else matters when they’re in their company, knowing every minute with them is so precious….this is precisely what my dad and mom do and have always done ♥ "You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow, they'll be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Breathe and notice. Smell and touch them; study their faces and little feet and pay attention." ~Jen Hatmaker

Springtime in the Garden

Our baby Magnolia is showing lots of pretty blooms this spring!Annie and Selena are LOVING LOVING LOVING this patiently awaited warm weather!…and so is Mavie!This is the product of some of the veggie seeds Annie and I planted a while back.  I took a chance moving them outside, but I had no choice, they were starting to root into the table!