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Windsor Trip

We had a tiring, chaotic and short visit to Windsor to be part of James’ run race, Loaring Run Under the Sun (LRUTS).James went down early to get ready for the race, so the girls and I took the train.  I knew it would be an adventure that could good either way (good or bad), but it ended up going ok, for the most part :)  The girls, or I should say, Annika was very excited about a train ride.  Selena, on the other hand, did her best to sprint away from the train at all costs, screaming and kicking as I heaved her onto the train.  With the four oversized bags we had in tow, my dad helped us get on the train, almost missing his chance of getting off.  I packed some shiny new toys and lots of snacks for the girls which kept them occupied for the first half of the trip; at which point we had to transfer trains in London.  After having many people give me that “poor-woman, how-is-she-going-to-do-it” look, I managed to get us all off the train in one piece, and then back onto another train …

Spring excitement

I am so excited to say that OUR ROBINS ARE BACK!!!!!I have been waiting patiently to see any sign that our little friends were going to make their nest at our front door again this year.  I told myself that if they did it was a sign from above - our guardian angels :)  Well, this morning when I was outside with the kids, I looked up to see this at our front door….!!!!…the start of a perfect little nest which was not there yesterday.  I think the birds have been waiting patiently for some warmer weather, which seems to finally be here!  To make things even more special, during our excited happy dance that our Robins were back, this caught my eye…Nest number 2 to the left of our door!  I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be the baby’s nest who was born last year.  He or she wanted to be close to his/her mommy and daddy while they lay their eggs too!One big happy family :)  Will be posting photos along the way.  Happy Mommy right here!! ♥

Evolution of Sport Gala

James and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Windsor Sports Hall of Fame gala.  The gala was organized and put on by a committee that is directed by Char.  The night was spectacular!  The show included young and old sports figures from the Windsor area, which was very well done.  The night raised $12,000 for the hall of fame “home” project that will be built within Windsor’s new aquatic center.  Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done, and to bring the girls swimming in this new state of the art facility!  So happy to support a project like this, and it’s a nice excuse to get dressed up My parents, of course being the best parents ever, took the girls for the night.  The girls got to sleep for the first time in nana and papa’s newly decorated “princess” guest room. They were very excited!Pretty Princess Room!Loaring Family (James, Me, Char, John, Esther (John’s sister), Jennifer (Esther’s daughter) and her husband Francis Human statue entranceThis piece of art was created “l…