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Birthday week…

The birthday celebrations continue (how lucky am I?!)….James took me to see Die Hard at the new Cineplex around the corner.  For the first time ever we saw a movie in their new Ultra AVX theater – reserved seating, giant wall-to-wall screen, ridiculous sound system and projection and big leather rocker seats.  AWESOME!….and I received a special parcel in the mail today from my sis-in-law :)Beautiful turquoise earrings and matching necklace pendant that were Elena’sShe also sent me a beautiful card and this pretty lavender sachet from a local lavender farm near the cottage.Such a special, perfect gift, she knows me well :)

Friends and Family

Since it’s Family Day, I thought I’d take the opportunity to properly give thanks to the amazing people I get to call friends and family.  (**after reading back through this post, I see the cheese factor big time, but I don’t care, it’s all the truth! :)To all my friends, you are incredible.  Although I don’t get to see some of you much, you all make me feel so loved and cared for and bring so much fun into my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am without you; and specifically, to my bestest who knows me sometimes better than I know myself, you are truly the best!  I love knowing you’re always just a phone call away.  You keep me sane when life gets insane ;) xoMy family is all I could ever ask for, and more; who I know would do anything for me at the drop of a hat, and be there with me for all the good times, and the bad times, and somehow make every moment a memorable one.My husband – who is my comfort, my support and my best-friend, I’m so happy we found each other.  For those wi…

Fun times…but I’m still not 30, yet!

A dinner at Milestones and a little celebration with close friends and family was the perfect night I needed to bring in my 30s…thanks to my husband and best-friend for organizing everything, to my parents for babysitting, and to everyone who came out.  It was a perfect night all around.  Love you all xoYing and YangMe and my Bro….we’ll both officially soon be 30 together for 24 hoursMy sister (from a different mother)!Lots of awesome and yummy goodies from my friends!This Angel is a gift from my Godson, and the rocks are friendship rocks from Steph ♥  So perfect

A day in the life of…

Here is the timeline of a typical day in the life of me:7:30am - get up, dress kids, feed kids, make Annika’s lunch, get kids in car.8:20am - Drop selena off at daycare.8:35am -  Drop Annika of at school8:45am - Pick mom and Timmie up.9:00am – Drop mavie and timmie off at dog groomers.9:00-9:30am – run errands to bank, post office and bulk bar.9:30am – start work.  Blitz typing, no interruptions, filling in for co-worker who is deathly ill with stomach bug10:45am – slip on ice on driveway, crack my head ‘ouch’, get up, get in car, on way to pickup dogs.11:00am – Timmie is being a bad boy at groomers, have to wait in car for him to finish.11:24am – Driving away from groomers11:45am – Blitz typing for 50 min.12:35pm – At school for Annika kindergarten class observation.1:45pm – rush home to blitz type, no interruptions.3:10pm – At school again, pick up annika.3:55pm – Pick up Selena from daycare.4:10pm – At grocery store, need pancake mix, fruit and syrup for pancake Tuesday dinner.4:35…

Party Party Party!

Finally catching up on the past two weeks, which were filled with birthdays, concerts and Super Bowl fun!Madison’s 3rd Birthday Party!School-friend Sophia turned 5!Annika’s best-friends at school –Sophia and MeganBrian from “Music with Brian” Selena and Annika Bustin’ a move!Poker and Super BowlSuper Bowl at BJAMS

Papa’s Birthday!

We celebrated my dad’s birthday on the first big winter storm of 2013!  About two feet of snow dumped down on us today, but it didn’t stop the celebrations here at BJAMS :)  Unfortunately, my brother and Jenn were snowed in, in Cambridge, but we’ll have a belated celebration soon!Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world!Annika took a picture of me holding the Hello Kitty she wanted to give to papa….and yes, I’m sporting my new brown hair!Enjoying papa’s Black Forest birthday cakeI helped Annika make this trophy for papaTimmie managed to dress himself in Annika’s tutu….Light-up pink and purple birthday pigtails!