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Early New Year Celebration with Friends

Three good friends - three pretty wives - and four baby girls! Boy…how things have changed in five years!Just chillin… new BestiesLittle mommies, alreadySuch a little angel!James and I are celebrating not only the New Year together (first “adult” New Year’s Eve in 5 years – thank you Nana and Papa!) but also celebrating 8 years together ♥ Cheers to a wonderful year ahead filled with health, happiness and love!

BJAMS’ Christmas 2013

I think you’ll be able to tell from the video that BJAMS had a massively fantastic Christmas this year ♥

Mele Kalikimaka

Here’s our beautiful Annika performing Mele Kalikimaka (“Merry Christmas” in Hawaii) with all of the JKs and SKs!“Where’s my sister!”107 kindergarteners, they all did awesome!!Daddy sporting Hello Kitty glasses and hairband

Christmas is here!

At least almost…We put our tree up a couple weeks back (I couldn’t hold out any longer….)  The girls had fun decorating it and of course daddy put the angel on top Our Christmas festivities officially start Friday morning.  We’re head to the cottage for a few days to celebrate with grampie and auntie, then back home to celebrate Christmas Eve with nana, papa, uncle Dave and aunt Jenn.  Christmas morning BJAMS will celebrate together, then off to nana and papa to feast and enjoy family.  What’s better than the feeling of excitement and love this time of year brings??!!  Counting my blessings, as always, especially at times like this ♥ Before….MiddleAfter!Mavie and Timmie supervised

EDC Christmas Concert!

Annika and Selena are signed up at a new dance studio this year – Emotion Dance Company.  They put on two shows a year – one at Christmas (a warm-up to) the big year-end production!Annika danced in her pretty Christmas dress from Nana, and Selena danced in her Christmas PJsFuelling up before the big performance!Getting some help from her bestie at dancePrep room!Selena kept repeating “I’m not scared” all day!  That big stage can be a little overwhelming for the little ones, but she did amazing!Competition TeamOur neighbour, NiamhKisses from nana!The superstars and their proudest supportersShe even got to see Santa!

Sisterly Love ♥

A little snidbit into the lives the Loaring Girls…


Have a look at our last six Christmas’!!           2008                                        2009            2010                                          2011             2012                                                   2013….Santa’s knee is getting strong and strong each year!

School Girl

Look at our beautiful Senior Kindarden’er ♥what a difference a year makes!

Max and Ruby Nutcracker

My mom brought the girls and I to Max and Ruby Nutcracker this year!  It’s my mom’s awesome Christmas tradition, started three years ago, to take us girls to a show.  Last year she took us to Disney on Ice, and the year before took us to the Nutcracker Ballet.Both families sitting on either side of us were a grandmother, daughter and two granddaughters :)Later the same day we had a few people over for the Grey Cup!  The Hamilton Tiger-Cats played their season at Guelph’s new stadium (while their field in Hamilton is being renovated) – which must have given them some luck.. they made it to the Grey Cup!  Unfortunately, the game was terrible, pretty  much over in the first quarter – they lost badly, but at least it still felt close to home!

Tis the Season…

…apparently to lose teeth!  Annika has lost two of her teeth in the past week.  The Tooth Fairy has been busy!  With Annika’s Tooth Fairy earnings, she was very excited to go shopping with papa today.  She came home with an arm full of new toys (and even one for her little sister!)She lost her first tooth minutes before I picked her and her sister up from daycare… and lost her second one three days later at Nana and Papa’s house while James and I were in Windsor.  She has three other loose teeth… I wonder if we’ll have a toothless child by Christmas!With our big basement reno, and our basement belongings scattered through our house… I wasn’t sure how Christmas decorating was going to work this year… and I was sure as anything not going to wait until the middle of December to start!  I cleared some space and found some room and look at what the girls and I came up with!  Christmas tree will have to wait…. but everything else is out!This is our Christmas tree… for now…I’m so happy the g…