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Santa’s message

This is Annika’s stunned reaction to Santa’s personal message to her….he even had a picture of her and knows how old she is! Thanks to Auntie Steph for finding the message ;)


Selena birthday could be defined simply as extreme chaos….even though it was just my parents over, it seems that the norm now at BJAMS is nonstop craziness.  The pictures don’t do it justice…..She loves her bags…Selena knows that candles are hot….so she was very concernedall of selena’s birthday goodiesbirthday number 2 that we celebrated this weekend was Karsten’s 21st!Karsten’s alias….

Selena’s Party

Selena’s 2 years old tomorrow!  We thought we’d take her to the Kitchener Children’s Museum and invited some of her friends too.Pretty birthday girlIn the Avatar exhibitAnimation configuration to an Avatar…Annika’s skirt screwed up the configuration…hahaJames’ configuration was the best