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Good times on Halloween

Our beautiful princess AnnikaTimmie the RoosterMinutes before an epic meltdown…Selena refused to use the nice black, handmade halloween – instead wanted to use the broken plastic bag…Annika got an awesome halloween chocolate gameEveryone playing with their new halloween goodies from nana and papa!Daddy’s birthday dinnerFinally playing with the halloween bagAll set for a cool, rainy halloween night!Daddy’s pumpkin eyeball birthday cakeAll the neighbours – Evan, Aiden, Meaghan, Selena and AnnikaEmma came to trick-or-treat with us!  Two pretty Belle’s


I’m so proud of my husband for putting together a very successful race in it’s first year!  With lots of volunteer help leading up to and during the race, the day went off without a hitch (other than the not-so-great, cold, rainy weather).  We’re already looking forward to next year’s race!  Thanks to everyone for all your help, and to all of the sponsors for supporting the race - it’s so awesome to have such awesome family and friends :)Here’s a link to the professional photos: thanks to Beata Rozanski of Pixelate Image for taking such awesome photos!

Halloween Dance

Annika got to dress up in her Halloween costume at dance class yesterday, and got to bring a friend!  Maddy and Annika had so much!Selena joined in…only for a few seconds…and then decided to take a napTinker Bell Annika and Bumblebee Maddy

Pumpkin Carving Party

Papa and uncle Dave came over for a pumpkin carving party last night.  BJAMS is now sporting some pretty awesome pumpkins!Not liking the gooey part of the pumpkinLooking up some data…Dad and I’s pumpkinsShe’s not sure about the lit-up pumpkins…Selena’s pumpkin :)Annika’s pretty pumpkinsSporting their WestMONSTER Woods shirts! and Annika is wearing the metal daddy gave her from his half-marathon race last weekend.Our little prisoner…