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Cottage Weekend

A little delayed on this post, but BJAMS had another great weekend with grampie and cha-cha, this time at grampie’s cottage.  We had adventures at Holiday Beach, seeing some birds, owls and hawks, and some time at Leamington’s awesome park and beach.  We painted and carved and cooked and danced…lots of fun!Leamington’s Seacliff BeachRockin to the tunes…Holiday BeachThe look-out at Holiday BeachLove this!The hawks followed us homePumpkin carvingMaking dinner!Annika’s birthday present from grampie and auntie

Kids & Dinner

Finally, all of us were able to coordinate a dinner/play date that’s been in the works for months now….  Scott, Nicole and their twins, Jasper and Carter - Miro, Coleen and Emma and BJAS had an afternoon get-together at the Tot’s and took advantage of the awesome fall-ish weather we’re having!We climbed one of Chicopee’s ski hills (Miro and Coleen live near the base of the skill hill)Almost there…We did it!Daddy with his boysAnnika was the first one up and the first one downTired…time to eat!Our feast!James’ plate was, of course, the biggestThe kids entertaining themselves…..….while the parents eat :)Trying out the baby seatFull bellyMore playtime in Emma’s play room

Weekend Adventures with Grampie and Auntie

We kicked started the fall season with a Chudleigh’s Apple Orchard visit and Westeminster Woods’ fall bbq.  Lots of fun with Auntie and Grampie!WESTMINSTER WOODS BBQ and walk to the parkPrincess AuroraSelena was too interested in the balloons to notice the princess….Face painting!Bye-bye princessCHUDLEIGH’S!