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Canada Day Weekend –Day 1

BJAMS headed for downtown Guelph to get some lunch and made a pit-stop at the incredible splash pad in front of City Hall (this splash pad transforms into the ice rink Uncle David brought Annika to this past winter).Fireworks fun right from out front porch put a close to an awesome day!BJAMS ready to go out and play!Engraved in the splash padPretty downtown Guelph, with the Church of Our Lady (where David and Jenn will be saying their vows in three weeks!)Having fun with SelenaJamie came to play!My camera’s interpretation of the fireworks!LOL!Have I ever said how much I love our neighbourhood?!!  Possibly the best fireworks display in the city right beside Annika’s school, within perfect view right from our front porch!  Happy mommy and happy family!

Canada Day kick-start!

All set and excited to celebrate Canada’s 145th birthday!  Selena got her first ever hair cut (you can probably tell by who….not quite salon grade haha!)  Baseball game tomorrow, Colonial Park fireworks in the evening, Riverside Park festivities Sunday and my godson’s 2nd birthday bash at Guelph Lake on Monday!

An American Adventure

Picture taken just before passing onto American dirtOur weekend adventure turned into an unexpected American trip.  Our Syracuse stop was quick; James was able to see all his athletes racing hard at the Syracuse Half Ironman.  We left the race in the early afternoon to head straight to Niagara.  We booked the Sheraton-At-The-Falls hotel, and little did we realize that the almost identical hotel – Sheraton-On-The-Falls – was actually the Canadian Sheraton…..After our hour-long wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge border crossing, we got to the check-in at the Canadian Sheraton to find out that we had booked the American Sheraton!  No refunds or exchanges were allowed at this point, so what were our choices?… come home and waste the cost of the night’s stay, or bite the bullet and head back over the border AGAIN! Bre was in the best of moods at this point……(I think most people around me knew not to say a word to me….two hungry kids, a three hour drive and a long, hot day at a park = a very …

High speed

Life seems to be on fast-forward right now….less than a month away from David and Jenn’s wedding! my parents are fully moved into their new house (which is so awesome and perfect for them, and I’m so happy we have them just around the corner!), Annika starts JK in two months, and Selena starts daycare at the same time.  Wow, I feel like so much is happening around me all the time, it’s sometimes hard to quiet my brain and take it all in!Looking forward to a family weekend this weekend, Canada Day weekend following, Loaring Tri the very next weekend, Annika’s dance camp the following week and finishing off with David and Jenn’s Big Day!  The weekend after is the opening ceremory of the summer Olympics, followed by our first weekend since the start of May that we get to do…..NOTHING!!!!  How is it possible that we haven’t had a “nothing” weekend in 14 weeks?!  But wait, it doesn’t stop there….following our nothing weekend, we have Scott and Nicole’s wedding and two weeks later Becca and…

AWESOME Father’s Day Weekend!

Our quick visit to Windsor/Cottage was filled with lots of fun.  James and I took the girls to Greek Fest.  The first and last time James and I had been was the first year we met.  It’s always amazing looking back six years and thinking how it’s possible that that amount of time has gone by….we met James’ Aunt Esther and Gary, and Grampie and Auntie Char, and god-daddy Anthony and Colleen, and ate like kings and queens.  The kids had fun practicing their Greek dancing on the stage too!Aunt Esther (John’s sister) and JamesA little nervous and shy at the start…….but didn’t take long to warm uprippin it up on the dance floor, focus focus focus!Uncle nee-nee AKA God-DaddyCheering on the girlsMaking Nana Loaring proud – perfecting her Macedonian dance!Aunt Esther and GaryPretty girl SelenaCottage-bound after the festival!