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Chicken Pox fun for BJAMS…

Seriously…..It started with what I thought was some brutal teething for poor little Selena -  Along with a very cranky little girl, was no appetite, interrupted sleep and a rash (all telltale signs of a teething child).   BUT,  daddy then started to develop very similar symptoms.  Within just a couple of hours, James suddenly had lots of red bumps on his face and feet, so bad that it hurt to walk.He managed to struggle through the night, and by the time 4am rolled around he couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ER.  After an almost 5 hour wait, the doctor informed him that he did indeed have Adult Chicken Pox.  Since James can’t remember if he had Chicken Pox as a child, we are now pretty sure that he either did not have them at all, or had a very minor outbreak.  Most kids are immune to Chicken Pox after they’ve had the virus, but if you don’t develop a bad case of the virus, the immunity isn’t strong enough.Not surprisingly, later that day Annika was complaining that her feet hur…


Given the abnormally warm weather we’ve had lately, our Magnolia tree started to bloom early!  Not really a good thing since the weather was bound to drop below freezing again,(which it has) and we’ll lose our pretty blooms.  Luckily, there are still many buds still remaining, so hopefully we’ll see some pretty blossoms in a few weeks!Here are some pics of the blooms that came out in the past week.


Besides a couple hiccups here and there, the drive home was as smooth as could be.  The girls, again, were incredible travelers.  But, as good as they were, I won’t be doing that drive any time soon…if ever again.  I might be the biggest hater of car rides in the world.  I just can’t understand how sitting in a car can be enjoyable in any way, especially knowing there are faster methods of travel.  ie. a two-hour flight compared to 20+ hours on the road….But, complaining aside, it was really great to have the family so close together for three days, exploring and driving through an entire country, and staying in two amazing hotels in Hilton Head Island, and the next night Pittsburgh.Here are few photos of our road tripHour-long, stand-still traffic jam (a four-car accident one mile in front of us)A few army trucks got stuck right beside us!The first and possibly the last time the girls will ever get to play and run around on a major highwayAnother first – James getting “work done” sta…


A whirlwind of a vacation has finally come to an end.  We are homebound tomorrow morning!  I’m looking so forward to getting settled back home, and hoping the weather stays nice up there for us.This month was filled with many amazing memories for the girls…lots of swimming, walking, nana and papa time, auntie and grampie time, and disney!Here is a quick little overview of our trip…Happy after nana and papa’s arrivalHappy Birthday Nana!Blowing out the Dora cupcake candlesPapa and Annika built a new playhouse!having fun with grampieCirque du Soleil with some of the camp groupRelaxing at Emerald Island pool with their “coffees”Ian and my dad