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Our TO Trip

James and I could not have had a better 24 hours in TO!  We accomplished everything we wanted to.  We’re officially done all of our Christmas shopping.  I found the perfect place to do our “kid” shopping at every year (my excuse for a yearly TO getaway…)  The Fairmont Royal York has been on my “life-to-do” list, and I finally got to stay there!!  They treated us like royalty, it was great!  We ate at a cute little Italian-inspired restaurant called Paese, which is right down the street from our next destination “The Royal Alexandra Theatre” where we saw “Rain” perform their Beatles Tribute.  It was a great show!Our Epic Restaurant breakfast this morning put our bellies to the max, so we had to walk it off and tour the area.  We found out there’s a CN Tower CityPASS that includes the 5 most famous attractions in the area that we’ll definitely bring the girls to next spring.The girls had a great time with nana and papa, and even slept the whole night for them!  I guess I’m one of those …

24 Hours

I’m looking so forward to our one-night getaway in Toronto!  We leave tomorrow morning and are gone for 24 hours!  Doesn’t seem like much, but, for parents of two little ones, this is something that is very special and not easy to do.  Thankfully, Annika and Selena have the world’s best grandparents who are willing to undergo the rather exhausting, nonstop task of looking after both of our girls for us.It will be neat to feel like “dating” again.  That seems like a world away, and should never be gone from a relationship….just hard to schedule in sometimes at this phase in our lives.  So, we’re taking full advantage of our 24 hours and jam-packing them with as much as possible.  I’m not listing the line-up, as I’m attempting to surprise James with at least something (which he has probably already figured out…..this whole trip was supposed to be one big birthday surprise for him, but as I said before, my detective-of-a-husband doesn’t usually let surprises slide by).After this trip, Ja…

The Girls Meet Santa…again!

Selena’s second time meeting Santa, and Annika’s 4th!  And some how we have two kids that don’t get completely freaked out when sitting with him :)Annika got an extra special, singled-out wave, point and “Merry Christmas, Sweet-Heart” from Santa at the Santa Claus parade this weekend.  Needless to say, she is in love with Santa, and is excitedly awaiting Christmas morning.  I can’t say it enough….I absolutely love this time of year!        Christmas 2011                    Christmas 2010        Christmas 2009                       Christmas 2008

Selena’s 1st Birthday Party

We had a really nice afternoon celebrating Selena’s 1st Birthday.  Selena thoroughly enjoyed the day, excited about her new toys and ate every inch of her birthday cupcake.  Annika helped her open her gifts and showed her how her new toys work.Both girls were in great spirits and are so thankful for all the love they get every day.  They are loved much more than they could ever imagine, and I feel so proud to be their mommy.  There’s nothing in this world that is more fulfilling than a smile, a hug and “thank-you mommy” at the end of the day.  I feel like so much has happened in the past year…we have had our ups and definitely some downs, but we have conquered them all and have become stronger because of it.Have a look at some of the pics from Selena’s special day.Beautiful dress from Auntie CharThe typical :) – Annika not wanting her picture taken…That’s better! – Annika decided she wanted nothing other than to wear Auntie Char’s old dress from when she was a toddler.  She couldn’t w…