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Birthday Boy

The kids and I surprised James with some heart-shaped waffles this morning, and a new outfit :)  We ate like kings and queens and turf with T-bone steak, bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp, potato focaccia dipped in “Elena’s” olive oli and balsamic, greek salad, cheese cake…and the list goes on, so I won’t bore everyone any longer ;) I also surprised (at least attempted to surprise….James’ detective skills make it nearly impossible to surprise him with anything!) James with a one-night, kid-free (thanks to my parents!), getaway in Toronto at the end of November!The fun, of course, really began once it was time for Annika and Selena to go frick-or-freeeeting (Annika’s version of trick-or-treat) with daddy, uncle David and Papa!!  I think it’s so special that James, for the next 12-or-so years, gets to always look forward to spending his birthday having fun with the kids :)  Who said trick-or-treating was only fun for kids?????!!!!!Our neighbours – Aiden with his daddySee the …

Halloween Birthday Bash!

We had a great night taking advantage of James’ Halloween birthday, and had some friends over (dress code: COSTUME!) and headed out for dinner.  The boys continued downtown and finished the night dancing until 2:30am!  Thanks to everything who came out to celebrate!  Loved, loved, loved the costumes :DMexican FighterDevilsThe bride and her best-friendMan-eater and hula dancerSister WitchesBirthday shotsThree witches!Rock Stars!The girls dressed up earlier, since Selena’s bedtime got in the way of dressing up with everyone!Blushing BrideThe beautiful BrideLittle Red Riding Hood

Nana & Papa are Back!

Annika went to the airport with uncle Dave and aunt Jenn to pick up nana and papa Thursday night.  They travelled home after their 16-day European cruise and stay in Holten.  She helped make a pretty sign so they wouldn’t miss them when they got off the plane.  She even dressed up in her fairy outfit!The next morning it was a practice run for Christmas morning….nana and papa bought Annika and Selena a whole bunch of really neat things from the different places they went to.Pretty dutch skirt, slippers and wooden shoesBallerina jewellery boxVery proudly wearing her new slippers and holding her jewellery box tight!She keep her slippers on the entire day, and even wanted to sleep in them!

The day has finally come!

My dad’s one wish and hope has always been to visit his dad’s gravesite in Holten, The Netherlands.  That day came today.  To end my parent’s once-in-a-lifetime European trip, they met with the couple who keep my grandpa’s gravesite.  My dad and my aunt had been in contact with the the couple for quite some time, and they were excited to have my dad and mom stay with them for a couple of nights, and to show them the cemetery.My dad’s dad died in WWII just two months after he was born, having never met each other, so this moment was very special for my dad.  I know he was filled with emotion, finally seeing the place where his dad lays.  I’m so happy he and my mom were able to have this day together and to have this memory forever.This is a video my mom made of their visit.

Ridiculously adorable Halloween/Sleepy cuteness

I feel like my Halloween spirit this year is higher than it has ever been since I was kid!…I think Annika’s excitement is rubbing off :)  It also helps that James is a Halloween baby, too!  I had to post these super cute doggy halloween pictures - this made my night, thanks to my aunt Carole for the email! How can you not laugh out loud at some of these????!!!

I’m adding a 14th!!Mavie!!!!!!and….I had to post more ridiculously cute pics sent to me last night from James….