Monday, September 26, 2011

Grampie’s Birthday

The girls had a good time at the cottage this weekend celebrating Grampie’s birthday.  Annika made some cupcakes, saw some birds and played on one of her favourite playgrounds.  She even got to explore “Colasanti’s” tropical gardens and their annual Apple Fest.

P1110843.2 P1110759


Brushing auntie’s hair

P1110765 P1110767 P1110773 P1110776 P1110779 P1110781 P1110786 P1110791 P1110793

watching the pretty birds at Colasanti’s


Watching the ducks in front of the cottage




Proudly letting grampie’s ducks nap in her suitcase


Daddy getting stuck in Annika’s car


Grampie helping him out…



Annika showing everyone how to properly sit in her car

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chudleigh’s Apple Farm!

I took Annika to the apple farm when she was Selena’s age, and I’ve wanting to go again ever since.  Finally we all made it there!  Who knew an apple farm could be so entertaining and fun!!

IMG-20110918-00377  Halton Hills-20110918-00382

Halton Hills-20110918-00388

Wagon-ride to pick some apples!

Halton Hills-20110918-00385

Halton Hills-20110918-00386 Halton Hills-20110918-00387 Halton Hills-20110918-00391

The friendly clown and his duck


Chudleigh’s authentic apple crisp!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some 1sts!

On Tuesday, Annika had her first day of preschool at the Salvation Army.  She was super excited to meet her new teachers and friends.

P1110709 P1110707

“All set to go!”          Showing off her Tinkerbell knapsack

Later that day, Annika had her very first dance class at Performance Dance!

P1110727 P1110723

She had lots of fun!  All the pretty little dancers will learn some steps and routines and perform in the year-end recital at the River Run Centre in May next year.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It makes the so-called “big” troubles of every day seem so silly and nonsensical.  Nothing can compare to the devastation that happened 10 years ago….to all the families that lost someone, and to the survivors, you will never be forgotten; and to the soldiers of the ugly war that is still ongoing, thank you!  I will continue to pray for peace, not dwell on the little things, and never take for granted the family that I have, which is, and always will be, the most important and precious thing.  Nothing else matters.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Weekendness and Fall

BJAMS had a fun and relaxing long weekend.  We are excited to bring in the fall….preschool; dance classes; fresh, crisp fall air; Annika’s, Selena’s, Daddy’s and Grampie’s birthdays; Halloween; and a trip to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm are all just around the corner!

   P1110592 P1110615

Our little Raggedy Ann!  Trying out her Halloween costume

 P1110618 P1110631

Rob’s birthday treat!  Gluten free macaroons


Helping mommy in the kitchen


Driving Emma around in mommy’s high heels


Chillin with the big people

P1110659 P1110662

Sorting through mommy’s old dance shoes…and sporting her own new ballet shoes!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bad News Bears, Champions x2!

Although we can’t say we had a perfect season, we were able to hang on and become champions again!  One of our closes games of the year, 7 to 4!


action shots from my mom





Ritchie pitching


Our fans

100_1719    100_1730 100_1732

The Bad News Bears!


Our two new team water jugs!


Coach papa already showing Annika how to catch a ball :)