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David and Jenn’s New Condo

David and Jenn had their first walk-through yesterday in their soon-to-be new condo!  Ironically, today, BJAMS is celebrating the one-year mark of our move-in!!  I’ve loved every second here in our new home.  Lots of memories had and many more to come :)

Selena and her food

Selena is her father’s daughter when it comes to eating…

New things

and little boring….but had to write and post some pics since I’m a little more excited than I should be about a screen door….James and I have been talking about getting one for the front door for a while, and decided to bite the bullet and spend the money so we can enjoy the fall weather with our front door open!!Looks like someone left the front door open, right??Nope! There’s a screen door there!…this is our new “hidden” roll-up screen door.complete with a cute little hummingbird!…and James would say he is much more excited about these new things….New tires for the car…“EXTREME”If you’d like to make James’ day, tell him you like his new wheels…and lastly, Steph and I spent some time in T.O. and saw Billy Elliot.  A great musical – with incredible talent.  Billy was played by a 12-year-old boy…it’s hard to believe that anyone can dance, sing and act this well, let alone a 12-year-old!  Here’s a little snapshot of the musical. It’s rather ironic timing to see this musical, since Annika…

African Lion Safari!

We had an exciting trip to African Lion Safari with the Tot’s yesterday!  I haven’t been to the Safari since I was a little kid, and James has never been.  We got to be “caged” in our car while we drove through the massive safari.  As we entered the safari, there were signs everywhere warning cars to “keep windows up and doors locked at ALL TIMES”, and the best sign was “trespassers will be eaten”!Annika got to see lots of her favourite animals up close and personal, and we even got to ride on an elephant!The splash park was a huge hit, and so was the choo-choo train.  A great place for families and BJAMS will definitely be back!!

Pics of recent stuff

David and Jenn’s Engagement Party!Bride-and-Groom-to-be Ring-Bearer Liam and Flower Girl AnnikaThe Janets! – Jenn’s mom and my momEdible ArrangementPretty BrideProud Best-ManWedding PartyJenn’s DadPracticing the cake-cutting for the BIG Day!Miro’s Birthday Dinner :)The birthday boy and his girlAnnika not impressed that mommy is, yet again, taking another picture…

lots of stuff!

First of all, how is it possibly the middle of August?Second, Happy Birthday to God-Daddy Miro!Third, David and Jenn’s engagement party was great!and, Fourth, but definitely not least, Selena can crawl! – She accomplished her first “army crawl” on Saturday.  She’s been working really hard the last few weeks to move herself places, and was finally successful on Saturday – started out slow, but is now squirming and dragging herself all over the place.  Let the real baby-proofing begin!Lots and lots and lots of pictures to follow!eventful weekend and lots of fun :D

Daily walk

Our daily walk has become quite the routine, and Annika and Mavie know right after lunch what time it is -Annika repeats “all set to go” until I have my shoes on and am opening the front door.  Walking the same route is a must.  First stop is the gazebo right next to uncle David and aunt Jenn’s future condo.All set to go!One of Annika’s favourite places to walkMavie likes it too!Annika likes to walk her baby doll around, and around, and around the gazebo, chasing mavie…next stop is the near-future playground!  Looks like it will be ready to go in just a couple of weeks.Soon-to-be playgroundBackground of park – going to say hi to the ducksSimilar to the backdrop of James and I’s future retirement home..

Selena’s New Hat

This beautiful new hat was a present for Selena from auntie cha-cha.  She could not be more adorable in it!  THANKS AUNTIE CHA-CHA!