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Backyard fun and 3 Years!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary!  James is taking me to The Other Brothers Restaurant here in Guelph – and we’ll be chowing down on the fondue dinner for two.  This is one of the more upscale restaurants in Guelph, so it’s an extra special treat that I’m looking so forward to!  Pics to follow ;)  James and I get a night off, so Annika and Selena get to have some nana and papa time tonight!James brought home flowers – my favourite flowers! - after picking Annika up from school.  What a sweetheart - he knows me well….AND….we finally got our grass yesterday.  After looking at a construction-zone-of-a backyard for nine months, it’s amazing to look out our backdoor and see green!  Can’t wait for the landscaping to begin, and make James’ mom proud :)Here are some pics of BJAMS excitedly seeing grass in our backyard for the first time!Before… During…After!I guess Selena wasn’t as impressed as the rest of us…

Amazing Baby Facts…

I came across this article and thought I’d share…a very interesting read…considering the facts are true!40 Truly Amazing Facts About BabiesWith a new one born every few seconds, babies keep the world going ‘round. However, they have more to teach us than originally thought. Check out these 40 truly amazing facts about babies that will have you pondering the miracle of life and looking at your own kids a little differently.Amazing Facts About NewbornsThese amazing facts about babies occur from birth to a few months in.No Kneecaps : On birth, babies do not have kneecaps. Rather they have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don’t develop them fully until after six months. Most seen on babies who “army crawl” instead of doing it on all fours. May Babies Are The Heaviest : One would think that January sees the heaviest babies given all the holiday eating but this is untrue. May is actually the month that sees the heaviest babies born. Usually about an average of …

Long Weekend Day 2

Consisted of: short jog with Annika, playing on front yard, eating at Shakies, looong nap for the girls, playing on front yard, visit from nana and papa, playing on front yard, bedtime.Playing with her new sandals from auntie “sess” aka “Steph”Pretty dress for Elena Day

Long Weekend kick-off

Had a great kick-off to the long weekend. Steph and I had a practice run of our 5k at Guelph Lake - then we headed back to BJAMS, had some snacks and then a BBQ with Steph, Ryan and Jamie; and Jenny, David and the kids. Here is a picture/video collage of the evening...We’re celebrating “Elena Day” today.  In Greece, they not only celebrate birthdays, but also name days.  I found out today that “John Day” is January 7, and “James Day” is October 26.  Sooooo, two more days to celebrate in the year.  I couldn’t find Breanne, Annika, Selena or Mavie Day, so I guess we only get a birthday.  Nana Elena is definitely looking down on us today… giving us some really gorgeous weather to enjoy this weekend!

Happy Birthday Selena!

Our baby girl turned 0.5-years-old today.  The time is flying and Selena is growing so big.  She is eating “big-girl” food now and is interacting more and more with her big sister.  She can sit by herself and play happily with her toys for long periods, and has 2 to 3 big naps throughout the day, aaaand sleeps 11 hours straight through the night!  Seleni has two very proud, proud parents!

BJAMS’ Photo Shoot

We had our first ever family photo shoot.  Our photographer, Danielle, from Herkovic Photography, was awesome and got some really great shots.  The girls were really, really good; Mavie was too…until he decided to jump into a swampy pond to cool off…James, Mavie & me 2007   –   James, Mavie & me 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend

The weather couldn’t have been better!  We spent two days almost entirely outside.  We now have grass and a new Maple Tree in our front yard, so Annika has been having a lot of fun out there.  I took her and Selena to Dragonfly Park at Bishop Mac High School on Saturday and nana and papa met us there.  Here is a link to some pictures that we took…Park Photos!Sunday morning Annika, Selena and I headed over to nana and papa’s house to wish nana a happy Mother/Nana’s Day.  Uncle David and Aunt Jenn went out and bought me an egg mc’muffin, Lindt flower chocolate AND a cute little flower pot and seeds to grow some pretty flowers :)  What a great brother I have!  On top of that, even more special, Jenn asked me to be a bridesmaid, and Annika to be the flower girl!  Can’t wait!  This is the church they’re getting married in on July 21, 2012.Church of Our LadyLater Sunday morning, Auntie Char and BJAMS went to the park and a little walk through the trails, and then had lunch at Borealis.  A g…

David and Jenn


My brother and Jenn are ENGAGED! I’m sooooooo excited and happy for them! :D He popped the BIG question Saturday night! Possibly a wedding next summer??! No date secured yet…

Run Under the Sun weekend

The run was a very successful event today! Not exactly what the title implies - with rain, wind and chilly conditions, but despite the weather, it was a lot of fun.  It was my first time running with Selena (who fell asleep almost right away), and now just to get into better running form and crack the 6 min/km mark….haha…oh boy!  6:45 km’s are just not going to cut it!  It feels funny running at that speed and not being able to go much faster, a little frustrating, but I guess that’s what happens after giving birth, twice!I’m looking forward to a lot more Loaring runs, hopefully some in Guelph and the surrounding area…maybe next year!  My next run is with my bestie Steph on June 5 at Guelph Lake.  The weather will surely be better and I might just feel like I’m actually running…not loping…Here are some pics from the weekend!Laughing at papa……..because he was yelling/tailgating the slow driver in the fast lanemom attempting to calm dad down LOLSmelling the flowersThe same Magnolia tree…