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My poor bestest had a mouse invasion yesterday...she was all by herself and freaking out (I would have too....I don't deal well with rodants or spiders!) I told her instead of standing on a chair all day to make a baricade, since she knew the mouse was in her front room. This is what she came up with....pretty good if you ask me!
The cats gave her a pretty good indication of where the mouse was throughout the day...

Steph and I had made plans a week ago to go out last night to a great little restaurant/bar called Atmosphere. We both needed some girl-time and a drink...or two; the weather decided to turn for the worst (out of nowhere!) and we got about a foot of snow, but didn't let that stop me from hanging with my bestest!

Daddy, the girls and mavie while mommy was out

Annika helping her baby sissy Selena got a clean bill of health from the doctor. She's maintained her 50th percentile for height and weight, now weighing 13lb 8oz and is almost 24 inches long. Li…

Daddy’s home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been probably the longest, most exhausting two weeks of my life!  James has been in Florida for his annual LPC triathlon camp.  This year I decided to stay home because of the kids – with Selena still nursing, it makes road trips, or a flight, with Annika in tow too, quite difficult, especially traveling by myself.  James had the trailer packed to the rim, and drove down with Ryan Power.  The camp was a huge success and a lot of fun, as always.  I’m looking very forward to going next year, and might for the first time actually participate in some of the workouts!….I won’t be pregnant or nursing or have an infant to take care of…I don’t really know what life without at least one of those three things feels like anymore…. :)Needless to say, Annika was overjoyed to see her daddy last night…couldn’t fall asleep, and had to be tucked in with the soccer ball that daddy got for her.  She’s been as hyper as can be today and is soooooo very happy to have her daddy home!  Selena, of course…

Guess who can crawl???!!

my godson Jamie took his first official crawling steps today at 8-months-and-8-days-old, and I got to witness it!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Cool dudes getting ready for our walk

March 14th…

What a day yesterday turned out to be….2:00pm – Put Annika down for a nap in my bedroom (something that hardly ever happens, but thought I would give her a “special” nap in mommy’s room)3:10pm – I check to see if Annika is sleeping and see her sitting up.  When I look closer, I see a pill bottle…opened….pills everywhere on bed (heart immediately goes to throat and heart rate sky rockets).  It’s the iron pills that we have in our ensuite bathroom.  Annika had very quietly snuck into the bathroom, opened the drawer and found them – and somehow magically figured out how to unlock the “child-lock cap”.  I opened Annika’s mouth and could see that she had chewed at least one pill.3:15pm – In my panic state I call James to see if he can remember how many pills he had used from the bottle (I found only 60 pills out of 100).  He wasn’t sure.  He had me call 911 (my very first time ever dialing 911).  Operator immediately answers and dispatches an ambulance.  Trying to stay calm, I answered all…

cute video

Selena has now learned to hold onto things. She was so proud yesterday when she grabbed hold of her hanging toy, she didn't want to let go...she held it for a good five minutes straight!

Annika’s Photo Shoot

Showing off her new boots and pretty dressAuntie Steph joined in on the fun!

our walk…

kind of blurry pics… I think the neighbours thought I was going to topple over.…I love the contraption annika is in, lots of hikes and walks this spring/summer!  Selena is strapped onto me in her baby wrap.….AND….Selena giggled and laughed for the very first time on Saturday…cutest little thing ever! :)  will try to get video soon

Recent cutness at BJAMS

....some pis of Selena and Annika trying out some of Daddy's bike stuff..

and a small clip of some new footage of the girls and Mavie...Selena can now roll to one side when she's on her tummy - well...technically not a "roll" but more of a "lean and fall to the side". Mommy's calling it a roll!