Sunday, November 28, 2010

Selena’s Big Weekend!

Selena had her first big weekend, full of first-time visits, lots of cuddles, diner out and lots and lots of photos!

On Friday she got to meet her cousins from Pennsylvania(my cousin Cathy and her husband Rick, and son and daughter Richard and Christine) and her great-aunt Gwen and great-uncle Bob.


Christine and Annika


Great-aunt Gwen and great-uncle Bob

 P1070228 P1070230

Feeling safe and comfy in Rick’s arms


Richard and Selena

P1070233 P1070234

Cathy with Selena and Christine with Selena


…Selena then got to meet her Grampy Loaring and auntie Cha-Cha for the first time!!


Proud Grampy Loaring


Annika got a special “pizza” pie gift from auntie


and Selena got a special hand-knit blanket, hat and bootie set


P1070266 P1070269   P1050705  P1050820 P1050834

reading the paper with grampy

P1050888 P1070241


Saturday morning was the cross country champs here in Guelph, and James, Jeff Cowan, Nissim and Hilary and Rob all competed in the citizens 5km race….blizzard and all!

P1050801 P1050799


Nissim, Rob, Ian Malcolm, Jeff & James

…and we celebrated the race and Rob’s birthday at Borealis…both Annika and Selena were little angels at the restaurant!  So proud of them!


The group – from left: Hilary, John, Char, Bre, Annika, Selena, James, Jeff, Nissim and Rob


Annika enjoying her meal…on top of the table..

P1050843 P1050845

James and Jeff


Nissim and Rob


John and Char


James sad that his order had no meat….but he ended up eating half of my beef deep, so it all worked out!


…after dinner we all came back to our place and watched the hilarious “Hangover” movie.

P1050885 P1050877 P1050878



…and some random favourite photos over the weekend..

P1050766  P1050822 P1050864  P1050893. P1050897




Friday, November 26, 2010

One Week Old

I can’t believe it’s been a week already!  Selena is doing amazingly well.  She’s even sleeping well at night for us!  It is the most wonderful, indescribable feeling to finally hold and look at our newborn, who just a few days ago was inside my belly….wondering what she’d look like and how big she’d be….she’s perfect….the perfect addition and completion of BJAMS!

P1070224 P1070172 P1070177

eating auntie steph and uncle ryan’s yummy lasagne

 P1070181 P1070183 P1070187 P1070188 P1070203 P1070207 P1070211 P1070213

modeling daddy’s new hat

P1070220 P1070221

One-week-old Selena