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Annika’s 1st trip to Wonderland

James, David and Dad got the first drop of the day on DropZone….if you watch very closely near the end of the drop you’ll see something fly across the screen….and you hear me asking what that noise was…it just so happened that the mechanic that morning forgot to put away the oil can he left sitting on one of the seats, which landed just a few feet from Annika and I.Getting ready for Drop ZoneAnnika worried for Daddy, uncle and Grandpa’s safetyKarsten, David, James and Dad on The BatKarsten, David, Dad, James and Adrian on the Pirate ShipAnnika meets SnoopyWith Grandpa on the carousel With mommy on the car ridePumpkin rideCooling off in the water park…

Tiny Tot!

A huge congrats to Coleen and Miro on the arrival of their little bundle of joy! Born around 8 a.m. this morning, weighing 5 lb 10 ounces…about three weeks earlier than expected!  Which I bet made for a happy mommy with this hot humid weather!!

~21 weeks~

Our second little beauty is growing big and strong!

Loaring Triathlon Pics

Here are some of my favourites….check out more on Loaring Personal Coaching’s facebook page (link on left column)

So proud to have a family like mine…

Loaring Tri Weekend

The “big day” couldn’t have gone smoother…..I’m so proud of James and Char for putting on yet another wonderful event.  This year’s course and layout were a little different than in the past, and it all turned out to be even better!  With choppy, wavy water, all the “newbies” racing did outstanding!  I couldn’t have been more excited and proud to see all my friends and family out there.  It made the day so special and I feel so lucky to have such great people in my life!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!The weekend was like a little family reunion for the Loaring’s….lots of cousins and aunts and uncles came out, raced and supported the big day.  It wouldn’t have been the same without everyone there!Here are just a few pics from the weekend that I had taken from my camera…lots more to come, as I took all the race pictures with another camera and don’t have them yet.David and Ryan pre-raceJamie, supermom Steph and cousin EmmaSisters – Angela and Kimmy (Steph’s mom and aunt)Scott, Tyson and DavidK…