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Annika’s fun

WARNING::::To all of our soon-to-be-parent friends and family….this is what your living room/entire home will soon look like!

Some recent pics

Annika now loves having her picture taken and smiling at the camera…she gets her whole face into it, so much so that she sometimes forgets to smile!model face aka “The Becca”Naptime with daddyWagon ride to the parkPlaying in the ball pit at Early Years

To the best Dad EVER…

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!!!  Luv U!!and to the best dad to Annika!!!!! Luv U Too!!and luv my Grandpa also!the three dads of the day!!and Annika gave daddy the best present of all….her first pee-pee on the potty!!We celebrated first at the Guelph Lake Tri this morning where David had a great race placing 2nd!!Sean and David out of the waterScott with his VuvuzelaKarsten sporting Annika’s hatJames, Me, Mom and Jen at the raceDavid off the bike1st place Sean!2nd place David!Kisses for Annika : )

Annika’s playdate

Jordan brought Brennan, Tessa and Ari, and Jenny brought Lucas and Madison over for a visit.  It was a lot of fun to have all the kids together!Tessa and MadisonAnnika posing with the girlsAll the kids – Lucas in the far corner, twins on the couch, Annika still posing, Brennan beside Jordan and Madison rolling on the floor.AriJordan and Brennan / MadisonLucasThe twins BrennanAnnika / Jenny & MadisonSharingLucas proud and showing off to Annika that he’s on her horseChillin in the carPointing at somethingPlaying on the slideAnnika and BrennanAnnika getting ready to runIn the carBuddies

Cottage weekend and Lilliput Land Preschool

BJAM had a great weekend at the cottage - Lots of playtime with Grampie and running around outside in the hot and humid weather.Looking through the trampoline with GrampiePlaying at the big playground in KingsvilleMavie getting ready for his big jump into the poolAnnika’s preschool (Lilliput Land – which is the preschool I went to as a youngster) had an open house on Monday, so she got to test out some of the toys and meet some of her future friends.  She’s enrolled to start October 2010.  She’s such a big girl and can’t wait to start going to school!!