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TODAY....We Celebrate The Fact That Our Country Has Achieved The Highest Gold Medal Count In Winter Olympic History...TODAY...A Few Hours After Puck Drop...We Will Rise Up Once More To Sing Our National Anthem As We Capture Gold For The Last Time....TODAY...We Are Proud To Be Canadian...

It’s my birthday

Had a great day at the cottage today!  I ate like a queen today, thanks to the wonderful food Char brought.  We all went for a walk along Lake Erie and Annika had a “champion nap” (as James would say) hanging out in her carrier with Char.  Also got some great gifts, including a massive kiss pillow (not to be confused with the music group “Kiss”, the pillow is a giant pillow in the shape of a kiss.Can’t believe another year has come and gone…. Looking forward to seeing Mavie on Monday when Annika and I fly to Florida!!  Grandma and Grandpa are taking very good care of him, and spoiling him like crazy, I’m sure!  Super excited to be there with my fam, and pumped that we have a house sitter to take care of things when we’re gone.

Proud to be Canadian

Beautiful baby girl

Happy Valentine’s Day

Cuddles in the morning with her new “Zabba” Valentine’s blankieExcited about her new necklaceMy Valentine’s present :D  HAHA!  Believe it or not, I asked for this……James was even willing to make me French toast – but I turned it down for….my favourite breakfast!!  You only live once!!!

Olympic Fever

The countdown is on….. just under 15 minutes until the Opening Ceremonies.Decked out in his Olympic gear, watching Olympic coverageJust as excited as her daddy

Super Sunday Pics

The groupDale & DavidBedtimeUncle & AnnikaRob harvesting his crops instead of watching the gameCheersCuddles   James and me                            Rob & MeDavid picking a fight with the TV after a bad playJames started a bet to see who could gain the most weight by the end of the night after eating and drinking as much as they could.The reaction after finding out Rob T, James and Rob C. all weighed the exact the same……James and Rob T. both gained 11 lb by the end of the night (That’s not a joke…)  Rob C. stayed the same weight.PlaytimeProudly showing Grandma that she found her very fragile Pendelfin Collection.Bye-Bye Uncle


It’s my dad’s birthday today!  Hope you have a great day dad!  We celebrated a couple nights ago at Red Lobster (one of my, and my family’s favourite restaurants).Last night was a night of celebration, not only for my dad’s birthday, but we had a Super Bowel bash, and it was David’s farewell party.  He’s driving to Arizona with his training partner, Sean, today.  They’ll be training hard for triathlon until April, when they’ll return and keep training hard until the fall.Pictures to follow later…

Annika pics from the past couple months…

Action shot!(FYI-Annika was not hurt after this incident)MohawkStare down with Grandpa LoaringRun For The Cure (back in October)“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”Tug of warNot too pleased with her new winter coatReady to play in the snowWagon rideCuddling with uncle Rob and DaleBrushing her hairShe loves her teddyCuddling grandmaFlying with grandpaLoves her blankieReady to workout with mommyBath-timeSqueaky cleanSporting her new Olympic outfit from Uncle Anthony