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Happy Birthday Steph!

My best-friend turns 26 today!  What a wonderful year ahead, Steph!  Can’t wait for all the fun!!!The Birthday GirlThe group at Del Dente

New Shoes


It’s a girl!

Jenny, David and Lucas welcomed beautiful baby girl Madison Anne MacKinnon into the world yesterday morning at 8:29, weighing 8 lb 4oz.Congratulations MacKinnon’s!!  What a beautiful family!Madison Anne MacKinnonMom and babyDad and babyLucas helping mommy eat


Yep, you got it, our house is sold, and in record time!  We had six offers in less than 48 hours, and signed the dotted line last night with a deal that was too good to be true.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that this process could have gone as smoothly, and as quickly, and as great as it did.  A certain somebody was helping us out from above, that’s for sure!  Our move out date is James and I’s 2-year wedding anniversary, May 31st, so yet another significant date to be included in the process.We celebrated yesterday with a couple shots of Ouzo (First shot for Elena – Second shot for the sale), and we’ll be celebrating again tonight with dinner and a movie with friends.

Elena Loaring

James’ mom is someone who I will live my life wishing I could have met….just once….Elena passed away six years ago today.  Although I was not fortunate enough to have known such as wonderful woman, I have always felt a strong connection to her, even just after first meeting James.  Maybe that’s because we share the same birthday, maybe because I knew that one day I’d call her my mother-in-law, or maybe because I feel and see the love that James has for his mom shining through him everyday.  I could never get tired of hearing the stories James, Char and John tell of their mom/wife.  With each story I hear the love in their voices, the ease and comfort that their memory brings, and see the smile through their words.  They tell me always what charm, grace, beauty and love Elena brought to the world, and all you have to do is look at picture to see these qualities.It’s a strange feeling to miss someone you’ve never met.  I know she’s not far away, and I know one day I will meet Elena, but…


Our house went up for sale at 12 noon yesterday, and by 8pm we had 11 viewings booked (6 of them yesterday!)  Lets hope we get some offers :D  How exciting!We owe my parents HUGE for being so wonderful in letting us take over their home for the next few days.  With all these viewings, one after another, we must vacate our house the entire day.  I don’t know what we do without their help!Here’s a link to our listing…

Coyote Ugly

My parents just found out, from a neighbour who has seen them, that they have a pack of “big” coyotes living in the forest their house backs onto…Maverick and Annika will no longer be going on the path behind my parent’s house at night….

a little tired..

I feel like I’m living in a new home!  James and I, and my parents and brother, plus my uncle, were here to help get our place “sale” ready.  What a difference a little rearranging, packing up and throwing out/giving away can do.  Annika and Maverick are loving the extra space we’ve created and worked on today and the past two weeks.  It feels so good after so much work to see wonderful results.  My dad is our personal handyman and can do or figure out pretty much anything we need, even with a torn shoulder muscle!, so he was definitely put to work today, my brother and uncle (who is an electrician) did the electrical stuff we needed done in the basement, and my mom kept Annika busy, and even helped her help us a little.  Annika was so proud!So, a little tired is exactly how both James and I are feeling…Although, as fatigued and possibly stressed as we have felt or may feel in the coming months leading up to the move, it pales greatly in comparison to what the people in Haiti must be …

Best Man!

James was asked last night by one of his very good friends, Rob Tranter, to be Best Man in his wedding this coming October!  How exciting, and what an honour!  James will stand as Best Man, along with Rob’s brother Mike as Best Man as well, and Rob’s cousin, Chad, will be a groomsman.  Hilary, Rob’s fiancee (who he proposed to just before Christmas), will have her two sisters and Rob’s sister as Maid of Honours and bridesmaid.  Really looking forward to what will be a gorgeous and wonderful wedding.  Congrats Rob and Hilary!  Enjoy these fun months ahead before the Big Day!Rob’s proposal at a restaurant in London


My cousin Patsy and her husband Preston sent me this video this morning.  This is my favourite John Lennon song, and this version puts even more meaning to it.  My cousin Patsy and Preston are both deaf. We’re in the process of teaching Annika sign language, and she’s doing great….since she loves music, maybe teaching her this song is next!

Back to the grind…

As much as I loved the holiday, it’s great to have our schedule back again.  James of all people knows how much Annika and I need our routine!  It’s something I learned very quickly after having Annika, how important routine is.First day back in the new year started with a bang!  Both James and I had a busy, busy day yesterday, including a meeting with our soon-to-be real estate agent.  We’ll be putting our house up for sale within the next month…..the beginning of our big move!  And speaking of our new home, we received the final blue prints today!  Our permit has been sent and our foundation will be in by the end of the month! :D  How exciting!!  Great start to the new year!!

Happy New Year!

Today marks James and I’s fourth New Years together.  I still look at it as our “anniversary”, even though we have our wedding anniversary in May.  We spent the early part of the evening with Steph and Ryan, Jenny and Dave and Miro and Coleen at Borealis, and had a wonderful four course meal, then headed back to our place to bring in the new year watching the famous Time Square countdown.  Mom and dad were babysitting during dinner but stayed around for midnight – it was great to spend new years eve with them, as I haven’t for 11 years!New Years day is in the top ten list for my favourite days of the year – It is a complete lazy day for me.  I love waking up after a late night knowing that I don’t have to work or have to worry about doing anything, and never ever will on this day (other than traditionally making pancakes for James).I’m really looking forward to 2010, and can’t wait to see what this new year will bring!