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In Memory of Mr. Elrick

Mr. Elrick tragically lost his sudden and short battle with cancer on Monday.  He was an amazing man whose life was cut too short.  I was one of the lucky students selected to be part of the CELP program in 2000.  The combination of Mr. Elrick’s love for the outdoors, his students and his family was like no other.  Mr. Elrick’s legacy will live on….Below is Mike’s Obituary.Michael Rosholt Elrick       1963 – 2009The following is Mike’s obituary which will appear in the Mercury and the Globe and Mail tomorrow and Saturday: After being diagnosed in August, Michael’s journey with cancer ended when he died of complications from his illness on November 23, 2009. Loving husband of Heather Allan and adored Papa of Nicholas and Meghan. Dearly loved son of David and Mei-fei, much loved brother of Stephen, James and his wife Cristine, Pierre and his wife Elaine; son-in-law of Winnifred Allan; brother-in-law of Laird, Beth, Dan, Cathy and Nestor. Uncle Mike will be greatly missed by Ayla, Jade, …

Annika’s 1st Birthday Party

Annika’s birthday is October 7th, which ended up falling on a Wednesday this year.  We decided to have her birthday party on Saturday, October 3rd so friends and family could celebrate with us!  Since I didn’t have a blog at that point, I couldn’t write about her party, or show off pictures, so I’ll do it now.  These pictures are complements of our great friend Coleen, who is the wife of Annika’s Goddaddy.        Mommy and Daddy with the birthday GirlBeautiful AnnikaGrandma & Grandpa Sharratt, and Grampy Loaring Godmommy Steph, Annika and Mommy Uncle Rob, Daddy and Goddaddy MiroYummy cake! Uncle David, Annika and Auntie CharLots of wonderful presents  Playing with her favourite toys and her favourite person


James was in Windsor this weekend for business and training, so Annika, Mavie and I stayed home and ended up spending the majority of the weekend at my parent's house. Annika got to see all their pretty Christmas lights come on at night. Mom, Annika and I went Christmas shopping today...was able to knock a few more people off my list, but before that we drove by BJAM's future new neighbourhood. They've started building about 10 homes already, and one of them actually was our home layout! Since the drywall, etc., was not put up in this house yet, all the doors were still open, so I snuck in. Since our house layout is not one of the three model homes to view, James and I had to choose and fall in love with just a drawing of a house....that sometimes can be a bad thing, and although I don't/didn't really have any doubts, it still would have been nice to see the house we'll be living in. After seeing this framed house today, I am super, super excited to move …

Christmas Tree

Annika and I snuck the Christmas tree up yesterday! James was cleaning the basement and "winterizing" the garage and patio, so to prevent the tree box from being buried behind stuff, I told him to take the box out...I couldn't just look at it....neither could Annika, so I made a executive decision that it would be best if we put it up. James was working at this point, and when he was done, he came down to a living room with a beautiful Christmas tree that Annika proudly showed off :) I officially feel ready for Christmas now.

Santa Claus Parade! and Cross Country stuff

Today we get to go to the Santa Claus Parade. I know Annika will absolutely love it! She fell in love with all the halloween decorations we had up, even the scary stuff, so I know she's going to love Santa Claus and all the cute Christmas things we'll get to see at the parade. Having a baby is so great in so many ways, and one being that they bring out the kid in you! Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, and now it's even better because I get to see the excitement through Annika's eyes too!
My brother just competed in his last college cross country meet of the year, and the last of his life, since he'll be graduating in January, and will become a fully lisenced machinist. He competed in the OCAA (Ontario Cross Country....something) three years in a row, and was champion twice! He's heading home from Edmonton after racing in the Canadian Cross Country Championships, and I'm pretty sure he is looking forward to some downtime now, since he's…

Grandma and Grandpa Sharratt

Annika is so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. My parents really know what "grandparenting" is all about. They absolutely love every single second they get with Annika. They would come to see Annika every day if they could. They don't do things with Annika because they "have to", they do things with Annika because every single part of them sincerely "wants to". When they come to see Annika, (and Maverick, of course!), every single second is spent playing with her, walking with her, showing her new things, teaching her new things and best of all cuddling and loving her. The true difference is that my parent's minds are 100% consumed with whatever Annika is doing. They don't get tired of playing with her, they don't get side-tracked, or have other things to do or talk about when they visit, all they want to do is savour every second with her, because they know how precious this time is. Some may say they spoil Annika, but …

week in review...

This week has been one of the more busier work weeks this year....Needless to say, I am very happy that the weekend is almost here. I've had what seem like endless hours of work, every day. That didn't stop me, of course, from taking an extra special minute to think about and thank both my Grandpa Sharratt and Grandpa Huddy, like I do every year on November 11 at 11:00am, who both bravely fought in World Ward II, and tell them him how much I love them and how much my family loves them, and how thankful I am (and thankful to all the soldiers now and back then)for giving their lives for us. Sadly, my Grandpa Sharratt lost his life in 1945 two months after my dad was born, only having seen a picture of him. He is one of my guardian angels who is always on my mind and in my heart, and always will be. My Grandpa Huddy is 87, healthy as can be and living close by, here in Guelph.
Looking forward to date night tonight and a lovely relaxing weekend with my fam!


Had a wonderful weekend with the girls! A full day of shopping on Saturday, finding my new favourite store (Kohls {since James keeps me on a strict budget of only buying items that are at least 75% off, this store is perfect for me!}), eating at my favourite resturant (Olive Garden) and an evening of "girl talk" was exactly what I needed. Annika was a little angel the entire weekend, even on the two seven hour trips to and from! I may be a little bias, but I do believe that Annika is the worlds best daughter!!!
After catching up on a little bit of lost sleep, and Friday's work, it's back to the grind now....

Girls Weekend

Looking forward to trip with my mom and Annika down to Pennsylvania for a family girls weekend. My cousin Kathy lives in PA, and every year the girls (cousins Kathy and Connie, Kathy's daughter Christine, Aunt Gwen and Pat) organize the weekend. This will be the first year that I've been able to attend, and am excited to have all of us together! It's a short trip, mom and I are leaving tomorrow morning and heading back Sunday morning. Work is non-stop this time of year, but it will be nice to get away for a couple days. James and Maverick will be holding up the fort, and dad aka "grandpa" will be stopping by to hang with the boys for awhile.

the beginning...

Here's a short synopsis of where BJAM *Breanne-James-Annika-Maverick* began....
In June 2004, James and Breanne met at a local triathlon held in Milton....a year and a half later their paths fatefully crossed again at a New Year's party the Loaring's were holding at their cottage home. James and Breanne's relationship grew, and by the spring of 2007 they adopted the cutest, most cuddly dog in the entire world, Maverick. That same year on June 30th, they moved into a new townhouse together in Guelph. On October 18th, James carved B&J4EVER into a tree on Maverick's favourite trail in Persevation Park and got down on one knee and proposed....they were happily married on May 31, 2008, at the family's cottage overlooking Lake Erie. Beautiful Baby Annika decided to make her way into the world the morning of October 7, 2008, to her eagerly awaiting mommy and daddy....BJAM are excitedly awaiting their August 26, 2009, move-in date of their new home and any possi…