Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Super exciting news!

I am officially allowed to reveal that my bestest Steph and her husband Ryan are expecting their first baby at the beginning of July!  CONGRATULATIONS!  Love you guys!


12 week ultrasound picture of my god-niece or nephew --I’m thinking nephew ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas adventures

December 24:

We kicked off our Christmas festivities with Christmas Eve dinner here at BJAM’s house…lots of fun seeing Annika with her new pink rocking horse from her great Aunt Carole, new PJ’s for all the kids (Annika, James, David and myself), watching the all-time best Christmas movie EVER – Christmas Vacation (my dad is Clark Griswald in real life LOL) and the annual poker game between my dad, James and Carole (Carole took the win Christmas Eve, and James took the big win Christmas day, dad came runner up both times!)



Playing on her new rocking horse in one of her new PJ’s


Playing with Grandpa


Cuddling with Mavie who’s protecting all the presents




All of Santa’s presents for Annika….and Maverick protecting them for her


December 25th

Christmas morning…….


So excited to play with all of her new toys!


We then packed up and headed to my parent’s house in the morning to open more gifts and eat some yummy food


My mom and her brothers, Uncle Roy and Bob, lit a candle in honour of my grandma on Christmas morning.  My grandpa watched from England over video messenger.


Hanging out on her new couch with daddy


December 25th/26th

After Christmas dinner we drove to James’ cottage to spend Boxing Day with John and Char, and had a wonderful dinner with friends.


Annika’s new convertible wagon/sled.  No snow at the cottage so had to use the wheels.


Having fun on her first wagon ride!


Gorgeous Annika in her pretty white dress


Outside by the lake with Uncle David


Showing off the 1936 Olympic Torch (One is a replica and one is the real deal!)

P1050521  P1050522

P1050528  P1050532

Boys will be boys…..


The Boxing-Day-Diner group at the Cottage - myself, John, James, David, Coleen, Char, Steve, Colleen, Miro and Anthony


December 27th

Our journey home from the cottage Sunday morning included a last minute stop in London at the White Oakes Mall where James bought me another Christmas present, a new keyboard! (there couldn’t be a better gift for a transcriptionist)


December 28th -Morning

This morning was an early morning downtown to see our good friend Francis carry and pass the Olympic torch at City Hall


Francis Mellon with the torch


Passing it off


Annika wants one




December 28th - Evening

The Girl’s Christmas!!!


My bestest and me


8-and-a-half-month-pregnant Jenny – so cute!


Lucas and Annika


Helping Annika with her water bottle after she fell


The boys – Ryan, James, Benson and David


The girls – Steph, Jenny, Me and Evie


What a great Christmas BJAM had!  We’re looking forward to a wonderful New Year full of exciting adventures, new beginnings and happy memories!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One of my favourite Christmas songs…

“When a Child is Born”, by Il Divo

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and great health and happiness in the New Year!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmastime fun for BJAM

Super excited for Friday to finally get here!  More for Annika’s sake than anything else.  I know she’s going to love waking up and crawling down the stairs to a present-filled Christmas tree!!  She’s going to be in her glory with all her presents and wrapping paper and boxes (knowing Annika, the wrapping paper and boxes may be more enjoyable than the gifts….)

Christmas eve is also going to be lots of fun.  Mom, dad, David and Aunt Carole are coming to BJAM’s house to, of course, follow our family’s tradition of opening one gift…that gift is always new pajamas to make the last sleep before Christmas even more exciting.  David and I always open our gifts to each other, as well, on Christmas Eve.

After a full Day of Christmas fun and turkey dinner at my parent’s house on Christmas Day, BJAM and my brother be traveling to Windsor Christmas night and spending Boxing Day and Sunday with Grampy and Auntie Char.  I’m hoping the winter-wonderland will stick around until then, as I know Char and John have some great wintery fun presents for Annika!

Monday will be yet another Christmas for us!  The four musketeers (Steph, Jenny, Evie and myself) will be getting together for our annual Christmas.  This year it’s at Steph and Ryan’s house.  I can’t wait to finally get us all together!  Since Evie moved up North, and babies came into the picture, it’s been a little harder to get us all together at once, so I can’t wait!!

Then….New Year’s Eve we’ve made reservations for Borealis’s New Year’s Eve couples dinner for Steph and Ryan, Jenny and Dave and myself and James.  I’m really looking forward to a yummy dinner and bringing in the New Year with my bestest!

James is back from a weekend in Windsor, bearing three huge gifts from Annika’s awesome Goddaddy, Miro and Coleen – so even more to add to the ever growing pile of presents for Annika.  What wonderful family and friends we have, we’re so blessed!

Annika and I went to Church on Sunday, after a very long overdue attendance, and Annika couldn’t get enough of everyone telling her how adorable and cute she was.  She even started dancing for everyone, even with no music playing.  The Salvation Army has an amazing church here in Guelph, equipped with a nursing room for moms and babies, and a nursery room with toys for kids to play with, with a sound system so parents can hear the sermon.  When Annika turns 2 she will get to join the Sunday School group, which I know she will love!

All is great here at the house of BJAM.  We had a little mishap and concern last week with Maverick…last Sunday evening James bought ribs, and Maverick always gets to lick the little pieces of leftovers off the bone…but this time there was lots of really tough fat, and, unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and Maverick ate a bunch of this disgusting fat…needless to say he had a sore belly the next day and was sick, but he continued to be sick the next day and into Wednesday.  A called the vet and brought him in and they were a little concerned about pancreatitis (a condition in dogs that can be deadly if not treated).  They did blood work and one of the pancreatic enzymes came back elevated, but we were told that could have been related to Maverick throwing up….so we were to put him on a specific diet for that evening and next day, and bring him back for more blood work.  We got a call back and, YAY, the enzyme elevation was coming down, and since Maverick was starting to feel better, we were to just watch him.  He’s been fine ever since, and we’ve learned our lesson.  James calls those ribs the $200 ribs, which they ended up being….

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmastime Thoughts

Officially ready for the Big Day (Christmas…of course!).  All the gift buying is done, I spoke with Santa and know that he’s got Annika’s gifts all ready to go, now the countdown is on.  I can start counting minutes soon!

As happy and exciting as this time of year is, I do know that some families are having to deal with sadness, and at this time of year, especially, it’s just not fair.  Any time of the year it’s just not fair….  This will be our first Christmas without my grandma….  I personally know, unfortunately, a few families this year that are dealing with heartache after very recently losing a loved one.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to those families, and I just hope that something, somehow, special can come your way this Christmas season, even if it’s just a wonderful memory that pops into your head that you’d forgot about, or looking outside and seeing a shimmering snowflake that brings goose-bumps (know that those goose-bumps are your loved one hugging you and reminding you that everything is going to be okay).

I have so much to be thankful for in my life, and I will always, every second of every day, be so grateful for so much…..the loving and supporting family that I have, my baby girl, my lifelong wonderful friends, the health that myself and family have, the country that we live in…the list goes on, those are just a few of the big things.

Never forget the true meaning of Christmas….


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Favourites Picture Album

Click HERE to see some of my favourite pictures taken over the last six months.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

I think Annika and I are almost over the colds we’ve been fighting this week.  This is Annika’s second cold of her life, and she has done really well….I think Maverick has helped make her little immune system super strong from all his kisses and cuddles he gives her.

Yesterday was the Sharratt Family Gingerbread House Decorating Competition.  Dad and I versus David and mom – James was the judge - he wasn’t allowed to see which team was decorating which gingerbread house – so no sides were taken ;)  It was close, but, like the wonderful husband he is, he ended up choosing dad and I’s house!  YAY!!!  Good choice babe!  Here are some pics….

December 2009 011

David and Mom’s House

December 2009 012

Dad and I’s house

December 2009 014

Our house looks prettier….but I must admit that Mom and David’s house looks more appetizing!!

December 2009 009

Maverick exhausted after an afternoon of decorating

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toronto weekend

Already Sunday….can’t believe it.  What a fun weekend we had!  Toronto was wonderful, lunch at Richtree was great, then Hockey Hall of Fame with a special Olympic Medal Collection Exhibit, then Ontario Fall of Fame Banquet.

We attempted a swim with Annika this morning, but that didn’t go so well…she’s become a little bit afraid of the water, so we’re trying to slowly re-introduce her back.  She’ll get the hang of it back soon again, I’m sure.  Then off to the Greek Garden for a yummy lunch and walk around our future neighbourhood.

My bestfriend Steph and I took Annika to Guelph’s annual tree lighting.  Lots of Christmas spirit, and we’ll try to make it a tradition.

Here are some pics from the weekend’s festivities….






John and his brother David

P.S.  Regarding the previous post...my brother broke into my account when he was here earlier today and wanted to say hi to me….

Hi Breanne

This is your brother David.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar

Second day of chocolate for breakfast!  It’s been a tradition in my family, for as long as I can remember, to get an advent calendar every December.  My dad, even after I moved out, still brings me my calendar every year :)

How many reasons do I have to love Christmas so much???….too many to count, but this being one of them!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Great Johnny Loaring & Cross Country Nationals

First day of December!!!  and we woke up to snow!  Although I'm really not a fan of winter and having to deal with the cold, since I love Christmas so much, I love seeing snow  in December....it just wouldn't be Christmas without it.  I can handle winter until December 31...after that, I'm happy to see it go.

We're really looking forward to this weekend.  James' grandfather, Johnny Loaring, who was an amazing track athlete, competing in the 1936 Olympics and winning a silver metal in the 400m hurdles, and winning multiple races at many other high profile meets, is being inducted into the Athletics Ontario Hall of Fame.  He is one of 15 athletes and coaches being inducted (one of whom many know, the famous Donovan Bailey - who was my idol growing up, as I was a 100 meter track sprinter in my early teen years).  John (not to be confused with Johnny - John is Johnny's son, AKA Grampy to Annika :P) is coming up to Guelph for the weekend, and we'll be meeting Char in Toronto for a full day of activities, including brunch at Marche, Hockey Hall of Fame, and then the Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet!



James had an awesome race this weekend at the Masters Cross Country Nationals here in Guelph.  He ran super fast….27:10 for 8 km (to put this in perspective, a fit person, running at a pretty good clip, runs about 5 minutes per kilometre….you do the math…)  James’ good friend Rob Tranter also had a great race and ran super fast.  Here’s a link to video coverage of the race!


First day of December!!! and we woke up to snow! Although I'm really not a fan of winter and having to deal with the cold, since I love Christmas so much, I love seeing snow in December....it just wouldn't be Christmas without it. I can handle winter until December 31...after that, I'm happy to see it go.

We're really looking forward to this weekend. James' grandfather, Johnny Loaring, who was an amazing track athlete, competing in the 1936 Olympics and winning a silver metal in the 400m hurdles, and winning multiple races at many other high profile meets, is being inducted into the Athletics Ontario Hall of Fame. He is one of 15 athletes (one of whom many know, the famous Donovan Bailey - who was my idol growing up, as I was a 100 meter track sprinter in my early teen years) and coaches being inducted. John (not to be confused with Johnny - John is Johnny's son :P) is coming up to Guelph for the weekend, and we'll be meeting Char in Toronto for a full day of activities, including brunch at Marche, Hockey Hall of Fame, and then the Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Memory of Mr. Elrick

Mr. Elrick tragically lost his sudden and short battle with cancer on Monday.  He was an amazing man whose life was cut too short.  I was one of the lucky students selected to be part of the CELP program in 2000.  The combination of Mr. Elrick’s love for the outdoors, his students and his family was like no other.  Mr. Elrick’s legacy will live on….

Below is Mike’s Obituary.

Feb - March 2009 020

Michael Rosholt Elrick       1963 – 2009

The following is Mike’s obituary which will appear in the Mercury and the Globe and Mail tomorrow and Saturday:

After being diagnosed in August, Michael’s journey with cancer ended when he died of complications from his illness on November 23, 2009. Loving husband of Heather Allan and adored Papa of Nicholas and Meghan. Dearly loved son of David and Mei-fei, much loved brother of Stephen, James and his wife Cristine, Pierre and his wife Elaine; son-in-law of Winnifred Allan; brother-in-law of Laird, Beth, Dan, Cathy and Nestor. Uncle Mike will be greatly missed by Ayla, Jade, Kellie, Janet, Jenny, Patrick, Jamie, Sarah, Valerie and Allan. The foundation of Mike’s life was his family and he was grounded by his relationship with Heather and being a father to Nick and Meghan. In all aspects of his life, Mike was a teacher, sharing his love of nature, music, paddling and the trail with everyone he knew. Mike inspired, influenced and guided countless young people through his twenty years as a teacher and coach at the Upper Grand District School Board.  He developed CELP (Community Environmental Leadership Program) and Headwaters where he made the outdoors a classroom and provided a life changing experience for his students. Mike created community in every endeavour in his life – most recently in the blog he began in September to share his journey with cancer (michaelsblog.ca). Michael’s family extends heartfelt thanks to the chemotherapy clinic and staff and nurses of 4 East at the Guelph General Hospital for their exceptional care, and to friends and family for the outpouring of loving support throughout Mike’s illness.

Visitation Friday November 27 from 5pm to 8pm, Hart Chapel,  1099 Gordon St.

Memorial Service at Harcourt Memorial United Church,  Monday November 30 at 1:00 pm,  87 Dean Ave., Guelph  

The family requests no flowers. Those who wish can make a charitable donation in Mike’s memory to the Guelph Community Foundation Re: Mike Moves Us Legacy Fund.  www.guelphcf.ca  Guelph Community Foundation P.O. Box 1311 Guelph Ontario N1H 6N6

(For online donations go to above website, and click on Canada Helps icon on lower left. This will take you directly to the Guelph Community Foundation giving page.  You will see a drop down box ” Fund/Designation” – the Mike Moves Us Legacy fund will appear here in alphabetical order.  This should be live later today. Using the Guelph Community Foundation will allow me and the kids (and probably others) to direct these funds ourselves to causes that will support programs which Mike has already begun such as CELP and Headwaters and other charitable causes of importance to continue Mike’s legacy.)

From one of the replies on Mike’s blog: “When….our fires are bright, our wood is dry, our rivers are wild, our balsam is fragrant, our bannock is brown, our wannigan is heavy, our guitars are in tune….. we will know you are with us.”

Monday, November 23, 2009

Annika’s 1st Birthday Party

Annika’s birthday is October 7th, which ended up falling on a Wednesday this year.  We decided to have her birthday party on Saturday, October 3rd so friends and family could celebrate with us!  Since I didn’t have a blog at that point, I couldn’t write about her party, or show off pictures, so I’ll do it now.  These pictures are complements of our great friend Coleen, who is the wife of Annika’s Goddaddy.


        Mommy and Daddy with the birthday Girl


Beautiful Annika

IMG_6343Grandma & Grandpa Sharratt, and Grampy Loaring

IMG_6403Godmommy Steph, Annika and Mommy

IMG_6417 Uncle Rob, Daddy and Goddaddy Miro

IMG_6481Yummy cake!


Uncle David, Annika and Auntie Char

IMG_6498Lots of wonderful presents 



Playing with her favourite toys and her favourite person