Windsor in July

2017-07-29 16.24.54

Uncle Miro and Aunt Colleen’s house for some summer pool fun!

2017-07-29 19.11.17

The dragon in Tecumseh at the park on Lake St. Clair

2017-07-29 20.41.40

2017-07-30 16.23.362017-07-30 16.28.56

A fun climbing park that Miro and Coleen’s house backs onto

2017-07-30 08.31.12

James’ relay team this year – Brad and Julie Reiter

2017-07-30 08.41.40

The pier waiting for daddy’s race to start

2017-07-30 08.52.452017-07-30 09.28.34

Lionel Sanders and James were both the swimmers for their relay teams – Lionel beat James in the water for the first time!  Caught the reaction perfectly in this pic!!

2017-07-30 15.32.52

After a morning of triathlon and swimming, we drove to Point Pelee for the first time with the girls. 

2017-07-30 15.39.272017-07-30 16.23.24

Southern most tip of Canada!

2017-07-30 16.23.45

The bugs weren’t the best…

2017-07-30 16.23.51

We all got a good laugh at this pic…  A classic Annika pose when things aren’t necessarily going her way lol…. oh the bugs….

2017-07-30 22.09.05

From Point Pelee, we headed to Erieau – a favourite stop for us along the Erie coast.

2017-07-30 18.33.19

Patio dinner on Lake Erie at Bayside Brewery

2017-07-30 22.09.332017-07-30 22.09.47

The older the girls get, the more I am able to appreciate how lucky we are to have these two beautiful humans in our lives.  Sometimes I look at them and for a moment I’m in complete awe that James and I brought these two soles into the world.  Being able to see these beautiful places and explore with them doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever done.  If I didn’t have them by my side, I would have such a big void in my life.  It’s those random moments of complete gratitude that I realize how truly lucky and how full our lives are because of these two.  Euphoria would almost perfectly define these moments…


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