Friday, June 16, 2017

Fun Stuff!

Some recent fun stuff here at BJAMS!

2017-06-04 20.09.21

Dynamic duo gymnastic sisters perfecting their skills!

2017-06-04 20.11.552017-06-05 20.39.01

Besties showing of our new shirts!  Thanks Meaghan!

2017-06-05 09.25.53

This little sweetheart completed her first ever speech in front of her class!  She did a community helpers research paper, practiced very hard, and even made her teacher cry, she did so well!  We’re so proud of you Selena!

2017-06-07 17.25.16

Decided to take the girls (and Annika’s best-friend, Caomihe) to uncle Robert Currie’s school family fun bbq.  Burger Priest burgers, cotton candy and bouncy slides and castles!  Worth the drive to Mississauga!

2017-06-07 17.33.522017-06-07 18.02.39

The girls all won the ever-popular surprise jars!

2017-06-14 15.46.58

Annnd!  I decided for the girls’ year-end present that I would take them to my fabulous hair dresser to get the colour highlight they have been asking me for, for the past couple of years!

2017-06-14 16.23.12

Sharon of Siarah’s Hair Design built a salon in the lower part of her house.  She is fantastic, I won’t go anywhere else!

2017-06-14 16.35.092017-06-14 16.41.092017-06-14 16.43.562017-06-14 18.17.052017-06-14 18.18.03

2017-06-16 19.56.38

Here is my recent project!  Whenever James has business trips, I plan home renovations!  This is my very recent project.  Our powder room has been in major need of a makeover.  Here is the finished product!  Of course I forgot to take before pictures… (imagine plain-Jain beige walls, boring pictures and dull colours)2017-06-16 19.56.54

2017-06-16 19.05.09

These flower canvases… they are pictures taken from yours truly.  I finally decided to do something with my beloved flower pictures from our very own garden!  My beautiful Allium and Clematis flowers xo

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