Father’s Day Weekend

We celebrated Father’s Day a few times here at BJAMS!  Wednesday was our first celebration before James left for Triathlon Nationals in Ottawa (where his team took the national title!!)  We then celebrated Sunday with my dad, where we all got to witness my brother’s overall triathlon win at Guelph Lake Triathlon!!  My brother has found the time outside of his full-time work and raising a family to train hard, take advantage of LPC’s in-person training sessions.  This combined with his genetic talent has brought him back to the podium at his first race back!  It brought back so many memories a decade ago when my parents and I would be cheering both my brother and James on at all the races.  I love that we now get to show our girls and Levi the fun atmosphere of these races and cheering on family.  Now to get James to race again…. one day, I promise!

2017-06-01 23.43.122017-06-01 23.46.28

2017-06-18 08.39.00

Books and sandcastles… just some of Selena’s favourite things!  And trucks and buckets for Levi!

2017-06-18 09.10.162017-06-18 09.43.312017-06-18 09.44.41

Onto the run, with wife and son cheering xo

2017-06-18 10.03.58

Some serious excitement at the finish line!

2017-06-18 10.04.102017-06-18 10.06.01

Three generations of triathletes (Levi completed his first tri a month ago!)

2017-06-18 10.07.03

Cheers to the top three.  Love seeing good sportsmanship!

2017-06-18 10.10.04

With Mavie’s diabetes has come some pretty severe cataracts.  Mavie has become almost completely blind, so is quite slow to get around at times.  Luckily we have Timmie’s doggy stroller to help!


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