My Jamsie

9 Years ago today I married my Jamsie.  11.5 years ago I met my Jamsie.  1 puppy, 2 kids, 1 successful business built from the ground up (LPC), 1 successful and expanded business of 18 years (Bre-Med), and 2 houses later, here’s where we are xo

I couldn’t have planned our life together better if I tried.  I’m proud to be able to call James my husband.  Through our ups and our downs, we’ve learned a lot, had to adapt a lot, learned to compromise, and to listen, to understand, and to not hold onto the stress of the small stuff.  I can honestly say that James is the “funnest” person I have ever met in my life.  From the first day we spent together, to this current day,  he knows how to let loose and have fun.  He’s the light and life of a party, even at the ripe old age of (almost) 40!  The past decade that has defined our life together has made us stronger - both for each other and ourselves.

I Love You, Jamsie xo


December 31, 2005 - Our very first date (New Year’s Eve at the Cottage)


Our first vacation together (Tinidad & Tobago) May 2006



Training camp in Florida February 2006


One of many nights out


Playing in the jumping water at Celebrations in Kississmee March 2006


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